New Mexico Highway 550 Project Reaches Milestone

(Bernalillo, NM) – February 12, 2008 – Tyler Van Houwelingen, CEO and Founder of AzulStar, today announced that the mesh Wi-Fi network deployed for the New Mexico Department of Transportation had logged more than 20,000 hours of successful service and was recently expanded to include 3 new PTZ cameras. The NMDOT coordinated with AzulStar and ITS-Homeland Technologies to create a mesh Wi-Fi network on New Mexico Highway 550 in Bernalillo, NM to interconnect all the traffic signals on this highway to coordinate traffic, provide real traffic counts, network access for NMDOT and provide access for video monitoring of the corridor.

“The real value of this system to the Department is that it successfully marries new wireless technology with existing legacy installations. This lends significant value increase to an existing system’s capabilities without having to remove all of the infrastructure that is in place. All in all, it translates to cost-effective system enhancements,” said Charles Remkes, an engineer with NMDOT.

“New Mexico has always been a leader in the high tech field and it was a ‘natural’ fit to partner with the NMDOT and ITS-Homeland Technologies to bring this project forward” said Van Houwelingen. “NM’s national labs and high tech industry can work together with government entities to become a platform for launching the next generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems.”

John Vargas, of ITS Homeland Technologies added, “The success of this project came from a team effort. We would like to thank Charles Remkes, Mike Montoya and John DiRuggiero of the New Mexico DOT for the opportunity. This has been a great success and real step forward in the ITS arena and is something that can be replicated by Transportation Departments everywhere.”

The AzulStar/ITS Homeland Technology system provides an integrated and complete platform for intelligent transportation services of today and tomorrow. The NM 550 project was built with Quality of Service to support multiple MPEG4 video streams while supporting low latency/jitter intra-signal control. This project encompasses NEMA TS1 and NEMA 2 Closed Loop Traffic System, Video Detection Systems and Surveillance camera with real-time MPEG-4 video. Additionally the network provided full mobility for data changes and camera control all running on the Wi-Fi network.

The future of the NM 550 project is to implement a weather detection and road condition system. Sensors will be placed along the highway and into the ground to gather information on current weather and conditions of the actual road. These sensors will communicate to wireless dynamic messaging signs (DMS) to communicate real time weather and road condition information to travelers.

About AzulStar
AzulStar, Inc., based in Grand Haven, Mich., was formed to enable the rapid rollout of mobile Wi-Fi/WiMAX networks and services and is recognized as a leader in municipal wireless and Intelligent transportation. AzulStar leverages a combination of licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies to serve the needs of an entire community. AzulStar teams with governmental agencies, leading companies and private investors to offer mobile broadband networks and services, including voice, data, video, public safety and intelligent transportation.

ITS-Homeland Technologies is a leading ITS integrator with a unique partnership with AzulStar for the ITS and VII marketplace. ITS-Homeland Technologies is performing integration with NMDOT and other agencies. A unique Wireless network using AzulStar was recently deployed with the City of Las Cruces, NM to provide freeway surveillance.

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