Letters: Broadband group supports application for stimulus funds

By Muskegon Chronicle March 25, 2010, 6:40AM Over the past few weeks, members of the Fruitland Township Wireless and Broadband Citizens Action Committee have been working diligently to support the application of a Grand Haven wireless company, AzulStar Inc., which is applying for federal stimulus money to provide high speed Internet service throughout rural and under served areas of Muskegon County. Throughout this effort, we have received support from many county and township government officials, as well as from school districts and businesses. We very much appreciate their willingness to support this application, as we are hopeful that it will allow many more Muskegon County households to access the Internet with a service that is much faster than a slow, dial-up modem. One person I would like to thank in particular is Steve Markel, who presently is on the Whitehall School Board and has served in the past on the Whitehall City Council. His contacts throughout Muskegon County were very helpful in building support for AzulStar’s application. We very much appreciate Markel’s support and that of other government officials who have the vision to see how this application can benefit our students, our businesses and our residents. Steve Nagengast Chairperson Fruitland Township Wireless and Broadband Citizens Action Committee