AzulStar believes that 4G/5G IP based wireless networks represent a significant advance in communications, on par with Broadcast TV & AM/FM Radio. AzulStar has been betting this class of revolutionary, very high bandwidth mobile networks since its founding nearly a decade ago.

Today, AzulStar makes it possible for customers to connect to the Internet or between offices at speeds up to 1Gbps, and we are just getting started.

The AzulStar network leverages the very latest in WiFi, Wireless Fiber and proprietary wireless broadband technology, operating across a range of frequency spectrum, to distribute multi Gigabit voice/data/video applications. Because AzulStar owns its own regional broadband networks end-to-end and does not just rent lines from the phone company, AzulStar uniquely offer better pricing, faster installation times, true redundancy along with guaranteed performance and reliability.