Multi-Tenant Property Internet Access
  • Provide tenants a better Internet service up to 100Mbps
  • Earn new profits from your existing properties, great ROI

Wireless Broadband Internet represents a significant opportunity for Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) owners/managers and a new, highly attractive service for tenants. AzulStar will install a highly advanced wireless network across the property that delivers very high speed Internet for tenants at speeds up to 100Mb and share in the profits. Tenants get instant access to lower priced, unlimited broadband using standard Wi-Fi or Ethernet, can pay easily along with the rent and can use the service anywhere across the complex. MTU owners/managers get a new revenue stream from existing properties, earning a potential $200k profit from just one 300 unit residential complex (10yr), in addition to any potential increases in occupancy and reduced turnover.

AzulStar brings a decade of experience providing commercial wireless broadband and is the leading provider to MTUs with multiple successful networks, including the Plaza Towers Apartments in Grand Rapids, MI. While other companies supply one, but not all of the pieces for providing wireless broadband, AzulStar uniquely provides an all-in-one solution, taking care of everything both up front and ongoing, including the Internet link to the facility - this means you only deal with one company for everything.


The service works for both residential and commercial properties and has proven successful, achieving 50% take-up rates within 6 months and providing a 1-year investment payback. AzulStar ensures success by investing jointly in the project, charging no ongoing fees, only sharing in the revenues once tenants sign up for service and MTU owners/managers begin making money.

Tenants get more attractive Broadband Internet Access:

  • Unlimited Broadband Internet from 1Mb up to 100Mbps
  • Low prices with no contracts or intro rates Connect instantly with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, no installation or cabling required.
  • Pay easily along with your rent (no credit check) or using any credit/debit card
  • For PC/Mac, laptops, gaming, smart-phones, tablets Wireless access everywhere across the campus, including public areas (e.g. pool, lobby) Service available immediately upon move in, no calls, appointments or installation.

There are many important benefits for MTU owners and managers:

  • New, steady cash stream from existing properties
  • Happier tenants and reduced turn-over/churn
  • Low risk – there are no ongoing recurring fees, only profit sharing
  • System can be installed in a few weeks and overtop of any existing phone or cable system.
  • Simple, secure web interface for detailed monthly billing and reporting
  • Internet access available for visitors/guests and internal office use
  • Only one company to deal with, AzulStar takes care of everything.
  • Highly reliable, carrier grade network and backhaul equipment with redundancy.
  • Option to bundle Telephone and Satellite TV for additional profits

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Example Deployments:

Plaza Towers Apartments

The Lofts Apartments

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