Customer Quotes

I just love your service. I am recommending you to my sister and my neighbor.”
New Mexico Customer

This is a quick note to inform the team at AzulStar that our new residential WiMax internet service works great! We’ve had no service problems with high winds, snow, rain, overcast days, it just works. I highly recommend you advertise your service more broadly; it is a great alternative to Cable and DSL.”
David, Albuquerque 3M Home User

I switched our service over to the AzulStar connection and since then we have had better response time and more consistent latency…this is important because we’re running remote desktop connections over the VPN. I am liking your service more than ever. I have been hesitant to use the wireless as a main connection so far but now that I see the results I am pleasantly surprised.
GR Business WiMAX Customer

“A wonderful service that I would gladly recommend to anyone.” Rio Rancho, 1.5M Bundle Home Customer

“Better performance than our AT&T circuit” Grand Rapids, Dual T1 Business Customer

“It’s so much faster than Comcast” Grand Rapids, 3M Home User

“It’s worked awesome since the day they installed it” Grand Rapids, 6M Bundle Home User

“Very fast, 0% packet loss” Grand Haven, T3 50M Business Customer

“The BGP switch-over to the AzulStar backup link was instantaneous.” Grand Rapids, Backup T1 Business Customer

“The staff have been very satisfied with the speed and reliability” Grand Haven, Dual T1 Business Customer

“I wish this was available five years ago. I would have never purchased Cable Internet.” Grand Rapids, 3M Home User

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