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Business Internet service from AzulStar delivers carrier class performance and reliability along with down to earth prices. By using our own Gigabit wireless network and not simply reselling lines from the local phone or cable company, we offer you more than others providers. Use AzulStar to replace your current connection at a lower price or as a fully redundant hot-backupHow much does Internet downtime cost your business?
Backup Connections are a low cost, hot standby connection used in conjunction with an existing Primary Connection. The backup service provides the exact same speed and performance as a primary connection at a much lower cost. Use them to ensure your business systems NEVER goes down, including your VOIP, ERP, Email, Website, VPNs and other critical web based services. We will help integrate the circuit for you using BGP or EIGRP so it will will fail over automatically and instantly. Backup connections may be used for up to two weeks.
that eliminates downtime for good. We offer the lowest prices with no hidden fees, SLA guarantee, 100% port speeds, include free Public IP addresses and installation is free, usually within a few business days. Call us today or fill in the form below for more information or to order service.

Faster Install Times
Typical installations occur within 1-2 weeks of an order being placed and are completed at no charge to customers
Scalable Service
Service is available up to 1 Gbps full-duplex and beyond, often in remote areas. Speeds often can be scaled with just a phone call.
Business-Class Services
We provide our business customers with SLA guarantee and 100% port speed along with a wide range of services such as Public IPs, managed on-campus Wi-Fi and inter-office private LANs
Traffic Prioritization and QoS
Mission critical services such as voice and video will always run smoothly due to our network capacity and inteligent traffic management, which provide full quality of service and end-to-end traffic prioritization.

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