AzulStar’s WiMAX network delivers the best value in residential high-speed Internet. Get 3M unlimited Internet under $40/month. Blazing Internet speeds are now available up to 6Mbps with no introductory rates. We use our own WiMAX network, so you don’t need cable TV or a phone line to get our service. Call or click today to order unlimited Broadband with no contracts and no hassles.

  • Plans from 768k to 6Mbps with no contracts and free installation
  • No home phone line or cable TV required
  • Faster than dial-up, DSL and most cable connections
  • No introductory rates, no hassles

“It’s so much faster than Comcast”
Grand Rapids, 3M Home User

“It’s worked awesome since the day they installed it”
Grand Rapids, 6M Home User

“A wonderful service that
I would gladly recommend
to anyone.”

Rio Rancho, 1.5M Home User

“It works really well. I’m impressed with the speed.”
Rio Rancho, RailRunner Traveler