Adaptor RequiredSecurityUsageAdsQoSResp.
UptimeMax Down/
Wireless Fiber T3Dual Wireless FiberAESUnlimitedNoYes24 hour>99.995%<1/2hrs75ms
Wireless Fiber T1Business Wireless FiberAESUnlimitedNoYes24 hour>99.99%<5hrs100ms
Wireless Fiber BizBusiness Wireless FiberAESUnlimitedNoYes24 hour>99.50%<45hrs100ms
Wireless Fiber homeIndoor Outdoor Wireless FiberAESUnlimitedNoYes48 hour>99%<90hrs150ms
WiFi200mW WiFiOpenUnlimitedOn LoginNo72 hour>98%<175hrsna


Wireless Internet Connection Details

  • All services require long range Wireless Fiber or WiFi modems (CPEs). These can be purchased from AzulStar or a 3rd party modem that supports:
    • Wireless Fiber Adaptors (IEEE 802.16d/e at 3.6GHz)
    • Wi-Fi Adaptors (IEEE 802.11b/g at 2.4GHz)
  • Money back guarantee on all connections and hardware. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our services we will refund your money within 30 days of setup.
  • Once you place a Wireless Fiber service order you will not be billed until fully installed. Wireless Fiber services can be ordered and billed using a credit card or invoice. Home/Mobile services requires a credit card for online sign up for identification and fraud prevention purposes.
  • No contract is required for Wi-Fi, Wireless Fiber home connections and service may be canceled at any time, Wireless Fiber Small Biz or T1/T3 connections require 3 year commitment, early termination requires full payment of the existing contract.
  • All plans renew automatically, except Day Internet Passes, unless canceled prior to start of new service term. Once a new service term has begun, refunds are not granted after the initial refund period has passed (3 days for monthly, 20 days for yearly connections).
  • Home Connections cannot be used to run business servers or services.
  • Backup SLAs may be used up to a 14 days per month. After 14 days of use, full price will be charged for each month the connection is used.
  • Bittorent and other P2P traffic may be limited to a maximum of 25kbps except on T1, T3 class connetions.
  • Email accounts have 50MB of space. Additional emails can be purchased, see Services table for pricing.
  • Standard sales taxes and applicable licensing fee apply to all Internet connections.
  • Wireless or wired routers can be used to share a single connection among PCs within the same home or business. Port Blocking
  • SLA Uptime guarantees require recommended CPE with proper installation and is measured on the CPE or connected Router.
  • All services are prepaid. Home/Mobile services requires a credit card for online sign up for identification and fraud prevention purposes.
AzulStar Terms and Conditions