Wireless Wizard – Uninstall Procedure


How to Uninstall The Wireless Wizard


1.       To begin the uninstall process:

a.       Please click on the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Wireless Wizard folder

b.      Launch the program called “Uninstall Wireless Wizard”.  For Windows 8, this program can be found in the by clicking the Windows button, going to the Metro Screen, All Programs and selecting the program called “Uninstall Wireless Wizard”

c.       Note:  This program is located at:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Wireless Wizard\unins000.exe or for older versions of Windows at C:\Program Files\Wireless Wizard\unins000.exe


Alternatively to begin the uninstall process, you can:

d.      Open the “Control Panel” by going to the Start Menu -> Control Panel

e.      Select “Programs and Features” (or Windows 7, 8) or “Add and Remove Programs” (for Windows Vista, XP). 

f.        Then select “Wireless Wizard” from the list of Programs


g.       Click on “Uninstall”.


2.       Once the process has started:

a.       You will see the following window asking “Are you sure you want to completely Remove the Wireless Wizard and all its components?”


b.      Click “Yes” and let the program run while it uninstalls the Wireless Wizard.  (Usually 5-30 seconds)

c.       Once complete, you will see the following window:


d.      Click “OK” and you are finished with the process and the Wireless Wizard has been successfully uninstalled from your computer.


Thank You for trying the Wireless Wizard !