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Top 10 Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes Review of with Buying Guide 2022

Recently, I noticed that it’s difficult to find the best 6 by 9 speaker boxes given the numerous production of speaker boxes these days.

One can easily get confused due to individuals’ inability to distinctly separate all products and tell which is the best.

Speaker boxes are tight enclosures that are created to produce sound waves and sounds from their rectangular enclosed form.

In addition, the speakers are in enclosed boxes to produce sounds that are not thin and reedy. 

Comparison Table of Car Speaker Boxes for Sale

Images Features Check Details
Atrend Box Speaker
Improved Sound Quality
Atrend Pro Series 6x9 4
Way 6” x 9” Quad
American Sound Car
Audio Custom 6" X 9" Speaker Box
Absolute USA 6X9PKB 6 X 9 Inches
Angled/Wedge Box
Atrend Pro Audio Tuned
Speaker (6 x 9 Inch) Box
NVX Foldable Silicone
5.25" Speaker Box 
6X9 Speaker Box
Atrend Pro Audio Tuned
Speaker Box
Stinger Select SS69PUG
6X9 Truck Speaker Enclosure
Goldwood TR-69 Pair of
Truck/Car Box Speaker

However, in this guide, we would explore ten distinct 6 by 9 speaker boxes which we chose from the extensive research we made from checking out all 6 by 9 speaker box products.

Review of the 10 Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes

Further, you should look out for things when purchasing any 6 by 9 speaker box, and the features of each product are stated herein, plus its pros and cons.

01. Atrend Box Speaker Improved Sound Quality

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Speaker Box


  • Air-Tight
  • Speaker Wires Protection
  • Design Structure
  • Speed Response

In essence, Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker Enclosures are a great type of 6 by 9 speaker boxes carefully created to amplify the sound response as well as the bass sound of the speaker system.

An essential structure of a 6 by 9 speaker box is the capability to cover the sound in the box and not let it leak outside it.

The implication of this is that the sound response would weaken, and the sound quality would reduce.

However, with OEM Grade Rugged Liner, Atrend Box Speakers are designed in an air-tight structure to prevent leakages of sounds.

Safety first in everything. Here, the terminals of the wire are protected and designed for human safety.

Further, the terminals of the speaker wire can be considered to have a strong grip on signal transfer for music.

Which can be a great implementation for users to derive as much satisfaction as they can get.

In addition, like every other 6 by 9 speaker box, Atrend Box Speaker is designed in a rectangular manner with various unique dimensions.

The 6×9 speaker box dimension is Height: 7-3/4”, Width: 12”, Bottom Depth: 6”, Top Depth: 3-3/4”NetVolume: 0.08 cubic feet.

Further, its solid construction is a great improvement, and it’s a great way to know a speaker box with improved quality sounds.

Atrend Box Speaker speedy response to frequency and signals is a great feature that should be noted.

Further, this speaker box can respond to a signal or frequently speedily, in comparison to other speaker boxes that are slow to frequencies and signals.


  • Improved Speaker Sounds
  • Air-tight


  • Flat Sounds

02. Atrend Pro Series Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes Quad Box

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Speaker Boxes


  • Structure
  • Response and Accuracy
  • Speaker Terminal
  • Improved Sound Quality

Atrend Pro Series is a four-wedged-shaped speaker with the following measurements. Height: 7.875″, Width: 47.25″, Bottom Depth: 5.875″, and Top Depth: 4″.

In essence, the design of this 6 by 9 speaker box is to help users get a creative version of Atrend Box Speaker.

Here we have quad speakers instead of the rectangular-shaped structure of the Atrend Box Speaker. 

In addition, Atrend Pro Series is also a Pro Audio Tuned speaker enclosure but with a varying design from Atrend Box Speakers.

Atrend Pro Series is quick to deliver responses to frequencies, signals, and the likes. Another essential feature is that it also delivers sound accurately.

This feature is essential because you do not want to have your best 6 by 9 speaker box malfunctioning or slow to respond to signals or frequency. 

Further, the speaker terminals of Atrend Pro Series speakers are screwed to prevent air from getting to it and, subsequently, to prevent rust.

However, this is an important feature of the speaker box. And the wires of the speaker terminal are protected and designed safely for the user.

The recessed side panel of the speaker is designed to suit the user’s need by making it air-tight and resound-free.

However, this helps to improve the sound quality and prevents those rattle sounds that are normally found in speaker boxes.

Note: Atrend Pro Series and Atrend Box are similar products, but one is the modified version of another. However, the features of both products are very similar to each other.

The distinct difference between both speaker products is that the shape or structure of both products varies.


  • Improved Speaker Sounds
  • Air-tight and Resonate free
  • Wedged-Shaped Speaker


  • Not waterproof or weather-resistant

03. American Sound Car Audio Custom 6″ X 9″ Sealed Hi-Quality Pair Speaker Box

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
speaker Quad Cab


  • Sealed Enclosure
  • Composed of High-Quality MDF
  • Wired Connectivity

Enclosures are one of the basic units of a speaker box, without a proper and functional enclosure serving its basic use.

Speaker enclosures are important because they make speakers easy to set up, improve sound quality, and absorb the speaker’s vibration.

Seale enclosure is an essential way of ensuring that the frontward waves travel outward into the room, whereas the backward waves travel only in the enclosed box.

Further, this is to ensure that the box is enclosed enough to seal out air passage. Here, composite material is the new way of producing materials like a speaker.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made out of the other woods that are manufactured and worked upon to produce MDF, which is subsequently used as a material for speakers.

Further, the High Quality of MDF in the Car Audio Speaker enables the sound to resonate through the speaker and further removes any distortions.

Therefore, you can manage an enclosed speaker with high MDF material definition, solid sound quality, great material design with little cost. This is because MDF is less expensive.

In essence, the connectivity type of Car Audio is wired and not wireless. However, the binding terminals of the product accept banana plugs or bare wire.

Banana plugs are single electrical wires that are most times connected to any equipment or appliance. Also, the same goes for bare wires; they are least protected but are still variously used for connectivity.

On this note, the banana plug does not directly improve the sound quality but is a safety measure for users to utilize. For this reason, it is highly recommended.


  • Durability
  • Low price 
  • Great sound quality 
  • Good solid construction 


  • None

04. Absolute USA Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes /Wedge Box Speakers

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Car Speaker Box



  • Durable Components
  • Sealed Enclosure
  • Product’s Construction

An essential aspect of speaker boxes is the durability of the product in question. Therefore the best 6 by 9 speaker boxes do not come from being flimsy.

Absolute Box Speaker has excellent components or features which make it durable for use.

For one, it has a solid MDF construction that improves the sound quality, ensures an excellent material design, and lowers the cost of production.

Further, Absolute Box Speaker can be said to be a true value of your money. Secondly, the product is made of a durable carpet.

A good carpet for speakers is resistant to stains, wear, and fading. Consequently, this makes up for the durability of the texture of the speaker.

Also, the internal features, that is, the connectivity materials, are made to be long-lasting to the user. Absolute Box Speakers are created in an air-tight structure to prevent air passage into the speaker.

Avoidance of air passage into the speaker system is to prevent all kinds of sound cancellations or sound distortion.

The sound waves are controlled and managed effectively to give the user the best listening pleasure of the music.

Absolute Box Speaker is designed uniquely, which makes it easily fittable for any position one prefers. Further, the speaker is in a pair of two and constructed in an angled/ wedge shape. 

Also, the speaker is light weighted and therefore can be carried around without hassle. In a more estimated figure, the speaker weighs 10 pounds.

In essence, it is easily movable and positioned, and further, users would have no issue placing the speaker on something since the weight is little.


  • Easily positioned and moved
  • Wireless 
  • Durable


  • None

05. Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker (6 x 9 Inch) Box

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Track Speaker Box



  • Improved Features/ Version
  • Enclosure Material
  • Terminal Material
  • Multi-Functional
  • Speaker Type

Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker Enclosures/ Subwoofers Speaker is a better-improved version in comparison to other Atrend speaker products.

Of course, the cost price of this product is higher than the previous Atrend product mentioned here, but the product can be classified as one where you get the value of your money.

The Atrend Pro Speaker is product selectively to match the user’s distinctive needs with numerous additional features.

Atrend Pro Speakers are made up of polyfill damping material that helps minimize the SPL produced by the loudspeaker’s diaphragm movement.

Further, this helps to also minimize the vibration of the sound as best as possible. The polyfill material used for the enclosure is one of the best materials used for enclosures.

Atrend Pro Speakers is made up of a Nickel Finish Speaker that ensures a solid hold of the terminal wires. In essence, it ensures the safety and protects users from sparks or unnecessary electricity distortion.

Likewise, the terminal screws or cups of Atrend Pro speakers are tightened and protected against any air passage to prevent rust. 

An interesting fact about Atrend Pro Speakers is that they can be used for different occasions or places. It can be fitted or positioned in cars, trucks, motorhomes, ATV/UTV, or even individual homes.

Atrend speaker system can turn anything into a music machine. All you have to do is make sure that the 6 by 9 seeker box is compatible with the speaker system.

Atrend speaker type is engineered or designed to be compatible with the latest computer automated design software and other machinery. 


  • Multi-functional
  • Improved bass response and sound
  • Uses Aliphatic resin wood glue
  • High MDF quality
  • Excellent Carpeting


  • No ports in the speaker box

06. NVX Foldable Silicone 5.25″ Speaker Box 

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Speaker Box for Sound Bar


  • Collapsible Silicone Baffle
  • Enclosed Speaker Box
  • Easy Setup and Installation
  • Fit table and Easily Positioned

NVX Speaker Box is uniquely produced to withstand water. In other words, the product is waterproof.

However, this is because the NVX speaker box is made out of silicone materials in egg crate form instead of the usual foam material.

The durability of the silicone material makes it susceptible to water and other forms of damages. Another great aspect of this is that the baffle is collapsible.

NVX Speaker box encloses the speaker feature in the box. Therefore, it creates a tight seal around the speaker to prevent any air passage.

The effect of this is more controlling sounds or sound waves. Also, it helps to improve the quality of the sounds since the bass vibration can be effectively absorbed and minimized.

NVX Speaker box is easy to set up and install in your car, vehicles, or at home. All you have to do is make sure the product type matches the speaker system, which is a 6 by 9 speaker box.

Installing an NVX speaker box is easy because of the modified buffer, which reduces the amount of cutting or trimming before it can be positioned properly.

Another excellent feature of the NVX Speaker box is that the speaker box consists of a buffer that is made up of silicon. Therefore, you can easily trim or cut the buffer and position it properly.

So you do not have to squeeze it or bend it to fit it in your desired location. As well, the silicon rings allow for perfect fitting in varying sizes.


  • Easily fitted and positioned
  • Made out of silicon
  • Air-tight
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Trimming problem 

07. DEEJAY LED Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
DJ Speaker Boxes


  • High MDF Construction
  • Design of the Speaker
  • Speaker’s Size
  • Speaker’s Connectivity
  • Excellent Carpeting

Deejay Led Speakers are highly modified with a constructive material that can act as a protective shield or carpet surrounding.

The speaker, and as well, the ¾” MDF construction solidly protects the surrounding body of the speaker and the surface.

Also, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) are fiber woods mixed with resin and eat, and the positive side of this is that termites do not eat this type of wood. 

Here, the 6×9 speaker box dimension is 9.8(L) x 7.5(W) x 29.5(H) inches. It is perfectly designed in wedged shape with an open oval shape at the front.

Further, the speaker’s design is given to perfectly mount the speaker’s surface, which in turn improves the quality of the speaker.

Deejay Led Speaker weighs only five pounds. Therefore, lightweight and easily fixed or positioned, plus easily moved.

Whether you need it in your home or vehicle, this 6 by 9 speaker box can be positioned anywhere and works well with any 6 by 9 speaker system.

The terminal of the speaker is built into the speaker, thereby fixed. Equally, the terminals are made with gold screws that would further help to put more precision into the music.

This is a great improvement and can be considered to improve the music and promote safety for the users.

The speaker carpeting is good enough to offer a distinct neat appearance which is durable and can not easily wear off the speaker.

Furthermore, the carpeting of this 6 by 9 speaker system mixes well with the interior of the speaker system.


  • Safe terminals
  • Movable
  • Easily fitted or positioned
  • Excellent compact design 


  • Low bass sound

08. Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker Enclosures Set of 2 (6 x 9 Inch) Box

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Music Speaker Box


  • Two Speakers in a Package
  • Securely Air-Tight
  • Speaker’s Material
  • MDF High Quality
  • Speaker Terminal

This product comes with impressive and premium features, which is an offshoot of other Atrend products.

With a package dimension of 14.96 x 13.03 x 7.76 inches, this product comes with two 6 by 9 speakers / Enclosures Nickel Finish Speaker Terminals 18 Gauge Audio Cables.

Ultimately, it helps in improving the bass sound of one’s music. Aside from that, the product comes packaged and consists of two functioning speakers with various parts.

Atrend Subwoofer/Enclosure side planes are glued tightly to prevent air passage and also to prevent rattle sounds from distorting the sound from the system.

This is the usefulness of the aliphatic resin woods glue used for this product. Atrend Subwoofer/Enclosure is made out of a woven synthetic material called polypill.

The polypill is extremely soft, durable, and fluffy. This description gives an idea of the speaker’s texture.

This material helps add a low bass extension to the sound and also lessens the vibration caused by the bass sound. Therefore, users can enjoy bass sounds without any distortion or unnecessary vibrations of the speaker system. 

Most speaker boxes are created using the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and the reason for this is not far-fetched.

MDF speaker boxes are durable, dense, and thick, which also helps to improve the overall quality of the sound.

Further, the thickness of the MDF panel would help give a better sound quality, rather than the thinner panels that could allow the sound to distort and resonate.

The presence of Nickel Finish Terminal is a great strategy for ensuring safety and prevention of air passage. 


  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • ⅝” MDF quality
  • Polyfill Material


  • Not easily fittable

09. Stinger Select SS69PUG 6X9 Truck Speaker Enclosure

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Wooden Box for Speaker


  • Product Overview
  • Functionality
  • Easy installation and Setup
  •  Excellent Carpet
  • Swift Connectivity
  • Lightweight

This product is a Stringer Select product with a package dimension of 22.1 cms (L) x 25.2 cms (W) x 32.4 cms (H).

The opened space can be seen with a triangular shape, and an oval shape carved out of the speaker system and the wiring terminals.

Stringer Select Speaker is a vehicle-based speaker kick panel enclosure. At least, this is what the box comprises. Further, the 6 by 9 speaker box is produced to create a certain level of bass sound and other frequencies.

The sound’s result should sufficiently please the user. The fact that it is a vehicle-based speaker enclosure does not limit it to just cars but trucks and other movable vehicles.

Stringer Select Speaker is easy to set up the terminals and install it on your speaker system. In addition, after installation, you can also remove the integrated terminals effortlessly.

The interior of Springer Select Speaker matches the exterior material of the speaker. In other words, the speaker’s exterior is made up of universal charcoal-colored carpeting.

This goes smoothly with the interior material of the 6 by 9 speaker system. The terminal cups are carefully placed in the speaker system to aid its connectivity.

Therefore, it is swift to connect and disconnect. Users are given the leverage to safely connect the terminals of the speaker system and disconnect as well.

Springer Select Speaker weighs 6.95 pounds. And it is therefore lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. 


  • Easily fitted or positioned
  • Sound quality
  • Durable
  • Excellent carpeting


  • The design is not truly impressive

10. Goldwood TR-Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes

6 by 9 Speaker Boxes
Dual Speaker Box


  • Built-in Terminal 
  • High-Grade MDF
  • Design of the Speaker
  • Multi-functional
  • Connectivity Requirements

Goldwood Speakers come with in-built speakers that comprise a gold screw and wire leads.

The terminals are safely created to guide users in enabling a swift connection and also ensuring that the terminals are safe to use against any hazardous accident.

The built-in terminal is an excellent strategy in ensuring safer and successful connectivity.

Goldwood Speakers consist of the following dimension; 12 x 6.75 x 8.5 inches. The MDF is one of the best materials for speakers.

A high-grade MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an absolute way of ensuring the quality of your speaker. 

Goldwood Speaker is designed in a slanted form, and the back of the speaker is flat with an aviation black carpet.

An oval hole is designed at the front of the speakers, which displays the wiring connection of the speaker system.

Goldwood speakers can be utilized in trucks, cars, SUVs, or other fixed installation speakers.

Goldwood speakers weigh five pounds, which makes it to be easily positioned or moved appropriately. 

In addition, to wire the terminals of the speaker system, you can easily achieve this by wiring the car audio wire through the passive enclosure, or the woofers can be attached to the required wires. 


  • Sturdiness
  • Sound Quality
  • Easily moved or positioned


  • NIL

Buying Consideration for Dual 6 by 9 Speaker Box Review

In essence, the best 6 by 9 speaker box could be any of the previously listed products. However, it depends on your satisfying pleasure, where you seek to position the speaker and the quantity of the product.

In addition, it is preferable to get a 6 by 9 speaker box in pairs (dual). There is a pleasure connection that comes when two speakers sync a song at the same time.

Although most of the listed products come in pairs, it’s advisable to confirm before making a purchase. Furthermore, most 6 by 9 speaker boxes have no problem procreating audio frequencies up to 50Hz.

This depends on the speaker’s quality and brand as well. However, in choosing the best dual 6 by 9 speaker box, you need to determine a lot of things.

For your convenience, this will be outlined and discussed in this guide.

State Your Purpose 

Here, you should state what your purpose is; that is, the functionality you seek in the speaker box. There are numerous 6 by 9 speaker boxes.

Therefore determine your purpose to pick the product that suits you perfectly. Although, your purpose may not be your choice because of other determining factors such as cost, location, brand name, etc.

This must also be considered.

Product’s Outlook

If you’re shopping online, you do not have the chance to feel or touch the product to confirm the specifications of the product.

However, various information is placed as product information which can be considered as well. Therefore, you can check the weight, material design, size or dimensions, speaker shape, and other variable considerations.

Whereas shopping physically may not be herculean. You can feel and see the product before purchasing. Considering all those listed factors may not be a bad idea even while shopping physically.

Cost Price of Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes

Varying costs depending on the quality of the 6 by 9 speaker box. However, you can confirm that the speaker box is affordable and should not be too expensive for you.

In as much as the fact that the higher the price, the assurance on the quality is certain and the more the capabilities as well. Settle your budget.

Wire or Wireless Speaker Box

Most individuals prefer the wireless speaker boxes because it is swift and easy to connect the speaker’s terminals to your sound system.

Wired speaker boxes are also a great choice, but you get more with a wireless speaker box, and safety is guaranteed. However, a wireless speaker box comes at a higher cost.


It is advisable to consider the brand name of the product, as well as the model. There are newer and improved versions of most speaker boxes, and the newer versions are most recommended for users.

However, before purchasing it, a quick survey of the features is advised for you to be certain of what you are buying. With all the foregoing buying considerations listed, you have the choice to make.

Go through this guide, read up on all the product features plus the pros and cons. And moving through the buying consideration, you would certainly make the preferred choice as the best 6 by 9 speaker box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 6×9 Speaker Box for Truck Review

● How big should a speaker box be?

Speaker boxes can be too big or too small. However, the size of the speaker box affects the audio quality.

And to calculate the cubic feet of your speaker, multiply the height x width x depth of the speaker box, e.g., 16 x 12 x 8 = 1536.

Divide the result from the multiplication by 12 three times, e.g., 1536/12/12. The result would give a rough estimate of the speaker’s cubic feet. 

The size of the speaker box should be sizable for any sub sound system in the market.

● 6×9 speaker box near me?

You can effortlessly shop on any of the online retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. further, a link to the online stores has been provided in this guide.

● Is a bigger speaker box better? 

Considering all facts, a bigger speaker box can be efficient and maybe more capable compared to a smaller speaker box.

Therefore, a bigger speaker box may lead to increased output since there are more mechanical capabilities in the speaker box.

● Is it better to have a small or s big box for subs?

A bigger subwoofer is more preferable because it allows users more efficiency and capabilities. For the best principle, to know the recommended size of box for subwoofers, add two to three inches to the size of the sub.

● How do you determine speaker box size?

Calculate the height plus, width plus, depth, and multiply the figures (in inches). The result should be divided by 1728.

● A box is 12 cm long, 8cm wide, and 6 cm high. How many are 2 cm cubes needed to fill up the box? 

Multiply the length, width, and height of the box. That is, (LxWxH), 12 x 8 x 6 = 576cm. Next, calculate the volume of the cube; (LXWxH). That is, 2X2X2 = 6cm. 

Divide the volume of the box by the volume of the cube. 576cm/6cm = 72

Therefore, it would take 72 cubes to fill up the box.

● What happens if a speaker box is too small?

The sound might come out distorted and might not resonate through the walls of the speaker. Again, the features of a smaller box would be quite low in comparison to other big speaker boxes.

● Does a bigger box mean more bass?

A bigger bass might not give the best bass sound. It is recommendable to go for a slightly big speaker box and study the speculation of the product before purchasing.

Final Words of Best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes

In sum, the best 6 by 9 Speaker Boxes come from studying and understanding what you seek and what is best for you. There are also some other determining factors as discussed in this guide. 

Furthermore, most speaker boxes have similar features. Therefore, the level of quality or degree can be a determining factor in your decision as well.

Explore the various options for speaker boxes.

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