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Find a Quick Way to How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound Quality 2022

It is a question on every car owner’s mind; how to adjust car stereo for best sound. After all, nothing can be more annoying than poor sound output while on the road!

That amazing countryside ride can quickly be rendered a nightmare by a scratchy sound output that doesn’t compliment the occasion.

Adjusting the car stereo to produce the best sound possible is never about randomly fiddling with the stereo control for a trial-and-error approach.

Unfortunately, many car owners only learn this valuable lesson a little bit too late. I know I’ve been a victim!

For car owners, the onus is on getting the best sound quality from a car stereo without going through the sound harassment that comes with experimental tuning.

Perhaps more specifically, the focus should be on how to make the car sound clearer and how to get the best equalizer settings.

Read on as we explore how car sounds can be made better and enjoyable and say goodbye to nasty sound outputs that ruin your on-the-road space!

Learn What is a Car Stereo

This is a pretty good place to start since one can only master what one fully understands.

A car stereo can be described as a full set of audio equipment fitted within a car for the provision of interior entertainment as well as information for the occupants.

Without a doubt, car stereos have evolved over the years as technology has grown and advanced.

The car stereos of modern-day vehicles have gained an even more significant role, from mere entertaining outputs to critical navigation and advisory applications.

There are different types of car stereos. However, this article will focus on the four main types of car stereos.

CD Receivers

According to a study by Crutchfield, this is what most people think of when they hear about a car stereo. The main features in most of the models of this car stereo are an aux, radio turner, and a USB input.

As the name CD receivers suggest, this type of car stereo does play CDs, but it does not solely play CDs but has other advanced features as noted above.

They are found in both single DIN and double DIN, which are 2 and 4 inches tall, respectively.

Digital Media Receivers

These seemingly do away with CD receivers, bringing a changed approach to car stereos. It is an excellent option for those who only listen to music on smartphones, streaming music services, or digital music players.

Among these are ultrasound car stereos which are not as huge as CD receivers. As such, they are designed to fit into classic cars without huge dash openings since their dashboard openings are too small to accommodate a CD receiver.

DVD Receivers

These do play DVDs as well as CDs but are not confined to those options alone. Rather, they feature touchscreen capabilities to watch video content.

They also have smartphones integration, for example, Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Navigation Receivers

These incorporate DVD receiver features. It also comes along with built GPS navigation systems not reliant on a smartphone. 

How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound the Different Scenarios 

Contrary to common belief, the best quality sound is determined by the type of music being played rather than by simply using one sweet-spot stereo setting.

As such, there will definitely be differences when rock is played and when hip hop is played on the car stereo with the same settings.

This means that mastering how to adjust car stereo for the best sound comes with knowing how to alter your settings within different genres of music.

Here is what happens as you adjust your stereo, which ultimately produces a different sound quality;

  1. Tuning removes peaks and dips between frequencies which create an unpleasant sound, thus improving the sound reproduction.
  2. As one adjusts car stereo, a variety of adjustments are made to the sound output, such as;
  • Increased bass levels
  • Lowering pitch

      3. Tuning increases the amplitude of frequencies.

      4. Increasing both bass and treble gives a scooping sound that is quite attractive to many.

      5. Increasing bass gives more low end.

      6. Sometimes adjusting car stereos gives much vibration, which distorts the sound.

The car stereo equalizer, when properly configured, can improve the sound reproduction of the stereo. Remember, there is no one setting that suits all approaches with a car stereo.

The sound depends on the individual’s musical preferences as well as the environment. The ears are certainly the best judges to sound. 

How to Make a Car Stereo Produce the Best Sound

Once again, when adjusting a car stereo for the best sound, it is important to note that audio is more of preference. An old audio system might have to be replaced to realize something better.

In a bid to get the best car stereo sound, several things must be done, which include upgrades on the sound systems. This is due to the fact that the quality of the sound equipment has a significant impact on the sound output.

Here’s a good start to ensuring quality sound;

Replacing Factory Speakers

According to Life wire, the default car speakers are usually not any good. Taking this into account, it is necessary to replace the factory speakers.

Consider also the deterioration of sound and the lifespan of the car, which all affect how the stereo operates. As a result, it is often wiser to install aftermarket sound accessories.

Aftermarket features should not be picked at random but should meet the same dimensions and fit perfectly with the existing head unit.

Doing so often proves to be the easiest way to observe a change in the car audio quality.

Some go a step further and add subwoofers and install component speakers in place of the coaxial speakers. It might be costly, but well worth it!

Upgrading Head Unit

An auxiliary connection does not always produce the best quality when listening to music in a car. Consider upgrading the head under these 2 following circumstances.

(1) If the head unit is getting older or.

(2) if it does not have preamp outputs which may be necessary when installing an amplifier.

In most cases, the head unit might be the reason for the poor sound being experienced if left unattended. A new head unit that supports high-quality built-in DAC is also a worthwhile upgrade excuse.

More so if you mostly listen to digital music in the car. Such an addition allows for the use of a USB cable to link the device to the car stereo instead of the ordinary auxiliary input.

It enables the head unit to read data from the device and convert it to an analog audio format, which is then passed to the amplifier and speakers after being upgraded.

Adding Extra Components

Factory car sound systems are often simplified and unsophisticated, despite how advanced the car model may be. As a result, more components are required to improve the sound systems.

As mentioned earlier, these aid in the production of sound, like subwoofers, amplifiers, and equalizers. It may be an expensive option, but amplifiers create room for better speakers to transform the stereo’s sound.

Adding an amplifier will bring the new speakers to life. Make sure high-quality cables are bought to go along with the amplifier.

Opting out for cheap ones will almost probably lead to overheating and will starve the amp power. Low-quality cables cost detail and sound quality.

This upgrade is probably the most noticeable one. Low-frequencies that were previously unheard of are now present, providing deep, rich tones that the smaller speakers were unable to create.

Using High-Quality Music Files

Sound quality might be compromised when listening to digital music due to highly compressed files. The source of the audio influences the audio quality.

For this to be addressed, one should use bigger, less compressed files. Changing to a lower level of compression or even a lossless format can improve sound quality.

High-resolution audio is an option, but due to the enormous file sizes, one may not be able to bring their full collection with them.

Dampening External Noise Sources

The focus shifts to deadening external noise sources after addressing the equipment issues pertaining to speakers, amplifiers, and quality wires.

It’s now time to deal with the vehicle’s tough environment. Most vehicles permit road noises into the vehicle. This may be a threat to the investments you have made to enhance the sound of your car.

Therefore, there is a need to put noise deadening material where the new speakers are. Similarly, apply them to openings like doors which may allow the external sound to penetrate.

These materials keep speaker vibrations from penetrating the metal of the doors and other surfaces where they’re installed. This can be applied to all the noise sources.

Setting Equalizer for Best Car Sound

There’s no size fit all for the equalizer setting since all sounds are different. That being said, setting up the equalizer can bring the best sound from a car’s stereo system. The basic equalizer has three bands of frequencies to work with.

However, more sophisticated and complex ones may have up to 13 and more bands. Tuning the equalizer improves the stereo’s sound reproduction as it removes dips and peaks between frequencies.

These peaks and dips create unpleasant and harsh sounds. There is a finer division of frequency groups for an equalizer with 13 or more bands, unlike those with three.

This means that they provide greater control over a car’s stereo. It is important to refer to the stereos manual when making equalizer adjustments.

Simply turn on the stereo, select a song to play with a sonic variety, and then adjust. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Best Equalizer Settings for Sony Car Stereo

What is the best equalizer setting for sound?

There is no best equalizer setting for everybody. Rather the best settings depend on your hearing capabilities. The sort of music you’re listening to, as well as the quality of your speakers, influence the ideal equalization setting.

However, equalizers work with frequencies, these range between super-low frequencies 20Hz – 60Hz. It also works with very high 8000Hz +, which needs trebles to be produced.

How do I make my car sound clearer?

Installing dampening materials improves the car’s sound by cutting vibrations and disallowing erratic sounds into the car’s interior.

Replace factory speakers with higher quality aftermarket units, the speakers may have deteriorated and needed replacement units to realize a marked improvement.

Furthermore, install a head unit that has preamp outputs. Also, additional components such as amplifiers and equalizers, expensive but transform sound experience. Then try playing higher-quality music.

What should bass and treble be set?

The bass and treble set should be set at a ratio of 4:5 as a rule of thumb. Overdoing bass will result in distortion.

Car audio tuning guide

Working with an advanced-features stereo head unit requires strict adherence to the owner’s manual to avoid messing with your sound.

This includes features like digital sound processing, automatic equalization, and time alignment. 

Step 1: Turn on your stereo.

The car should be parked; it is a time of discovery, so it should not be done during driving.

Step 2: Play a song with a sonic variety

Preferably a song one knows inside and out, a favorite that one does not mind repeating since one needs a good reference point for tuning the stereo.

Step 3: tune the fade control 

Tune until the music is only coming out of the front speakers, then move to the left and right balance and then tune the fade control till the sound only comes from the rear; once more, adjust the left and right balance till the best sound.

Step 4: Set the tone

At this point, sit and relax and listen to the sound output. Make sure all notes are present and balanced. Take note of the wrongs before adjusting anything, then make use of the equalizer to enhance sound quality.

Best car stereo settings for metal

The bass range between 60 and 250.

What are the best settings for a Kenwood car stereo?

Settings for any given stereo system are dependent on the equipment installed (Quora). Pre-setting the music style based on the genre can be the simplest way to get the best setting for a Kenwood stereo.

Therefore the type of music being played, the intended purpose, and the location contribute significantly to the best Kenwood stereo settings.

However, looking at the Kenwood stereo model’s manual states the exact instructions for a particular model.

How to adjust the bass and treble on my speakers?

According to Quora, speakers do not have bass or treble unless they are powered, speakers. However, bass and treble have a detrimental effect on the quality of the sound produced.

Should I adjust the speaker volume system volume or media player volume if I am looking for the best sound quality on my pc?

This is referred to as the gain structure of the amplification chain. Volume occurs at the output, whereas gain is the ratio of volume at the input to volume at the output of an electrical circuit.

With such a setup, volume is incapable of affecting the audio quality or tone of a sound. It just turns the entire system up in loudness.

Is increasing decreasing both the treble bass equally on an audio system so contradictory?

The assertion is not valid at all. Decreasing the bass does not increase the treble, conversely increasing the treble does not decrease the bass. Quora postulates that increasing the treble does not decrease the bass.

Rather, it just increases the amplitude of those frequencies and gives you a high end, the opposite giving a low end. In fact, increasing them both gives a scooped sound that is quite attractive to many people.


Car stereos are easily the greatest addition to vehicle accessories, more so over long distances when it’s just you and the open road!

Admittedly, updating your whole sound system can be a bit costly. However, it’s pretty much worth it, considering the amount of time we typically spend behind the wheel.

More importantly, with an updated sound system, you’ll spend less time wondering how to adjust the car stereo for best sound as you would with failing equipment.

It’s also worth noting that finding that sweet spot ideal setting for your favorite album might take you some time. As such, don’t frustrate easily.

While many people tend to ignore them, stereo operating manuals are a good place to start. They’ll help you familiarize yourself with all the knobs/buttons on your stereo interface. 

Ready to enjoy an amazing car stereo that hits every note to the fullest? Go ahead and implement these tweaks!

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