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Learn How to Connect 6 Speakers to a 2 Channel Amp 2022

Do you know how to connect 6 speakers to a 2 channel amp? If you don’t, we got you covered since we will analyze and scrutinize ways of achieving this connection.

 Before connecting 6 speakers to a 2 channel amp, it’s crucial to ensure there is balanced load distribution for all amp channels. 

Every amplifier channel comes with a specified load capacity. Since there are different amps, it’s wise to get one that complements your audio output gadgets.

Also, a suitable amp should handle the power load associated with connecting six amps. 

Without further ado, let’s look at how to connect old stereo speakers to a computer and other electronic sound players.

Also, we will look at other insights concerning speakers; and amplifiers altogether.

How to Connect Old Stereo Speakers to The Computer Step by Step 

In these current times, it’s ideal to own a computer to keep up with tech trends. Computers are important everyday gadgets that can store and play music.

Old speakers are original in addition to producing thrilling sound. Contrary, old speakers can’t match the versatility of modern speakers.

But how can you connect old-school stereo speakers to a computer? Making a connection is a simple task and one that takes a few minutes.

Furthermore, you do not need to engage a skilled technician. The stages to completing this activity are shown below.

Step 1: Link all Speakers to a Suitable Amplifier

Connect all speakers to an amplifier using a wire. First, link the red wire onto the positive terminal. Next, connect an adjacent wire to a black-colored channel. J

use raise all clips located on the backside of the speaker and amplifier to access holes ideal for inserting electrical wires.

Step 2: Connecting RCA Cables

Start by linking all RCA cables to audio jacks (input source). In addition, locate them on the backside of an amplifier.

Use an ideal jack to make a connection, and for example, red cables go to the right-sided jack. Additionally, ensure the left-sided jack is connected with a white plug.

Step 3: Plug Insertion

Plugs should be linked on the opposite side of an already plugged RCA jack.

Step 4: Connect the Y-Adapter to the Audio Jack on the Computer

The other end of the Y-adapter connects to the audio jack on the PC (out).

Step 5: Turn on The Computer

Turn on your computer and proceed to set the amp selector tool to AUX. Also, a suitable jack should handle this conveniently.

Step 6: Play Music

Play a good tune from the computer in addition to customizing the amplifier’s volume up to an ideal level suitable for old speakers.

All in all, expect thrilling music time after making a proper connection.

How to Connect 6 Speakers to a 2 Channel Amp

There are two ways to connect six speakers to a two-channel amplifier: parallel and series.

Several factors determine an ideal connection method, and they include the type of amp and speakers you have.

Also, it’s prudent to check their limit and level of impedance. Impedance refers to the resistance capacity devices can handle.

Parallel connection lowers the overall resistance level. On the other hand, a series connection adds impedance to an amplifier.

Let’s look at how to connect 6 speakers on a two-channel amp by using these two methods.

Wiring in Parallel

Here is how to make a connection via the parallel method.

  • Connect an amplifier’s left and -ve affiliated wire plus –ve terminals in respect to terminals of one left speaker.
  • Utilize another +ve and –ve terminal by connecting to respective terminals of an adjacent second left speaker.
  • Finish by repeating this process all over for right-sided speakers.

Wiring in Series

Here is how to make a connection via a series method.

  • First, Link the speakers’ positive terminal to the amplifier’s positive terminal and proceed to connect to the left terminals.
  • A speaker -ve terminal is then linked to an audio system +ve terminal.
  • Next, link –ve terminal of the 2nd left speaker with –ve terminal of an amplifier.
  • Continue these steps for all other speakers until all are connected.

How to Play Music From Your Phone Through a Home Stereo

In these modern times, playing music via DVDs is an old-fashioned way and a method to shun away from.

Whether you are partying or having a quiet time at home, it’s possible to play music on your home audio gadget via phone means.

Importantly, you can use cable or Bluetooth means to play music conveniently from your phone. A determining factor is how much technology you know. 

Also, the kind and model of home stereo system you own plays a critical role when playing music from a phone.

But how can you play music on your home stereo system through a phone? Let’s look at some ways of achieving this…

Cable Connection Means

Cables offer a quite simple and hassle-free means of playing music from phones’ to an audio system. A 3.5 mm cable is used to connect phones and an audio playing system. 

Here, headphone cables send audio signals from phones’ to sound playing equipment fast.

After plugging a suitable cable into a smartphone, proceed to plug red and white RCA ends onto ideal ports of audio players.

AUX input is ideal for this connection.

Bluetooth Means

Bluetooth is a wireless means you can use to play music from your phone. Bluetooth-affiliated speakers are common in most stereo systems.

Just enable your phone to Bluetooth and connect to a stereo system. Play your favorite music tunes once all devices are paired and expect audio output gadgets to release fantastic sound.

With Bluetooth, users of phones don’t require to purchase a stereo receiver.

FM Transmitter Means

FM transmitter is another connection, and beneficially it’s wireless. By functionality, the FM transmitter works by playing music from a smartphone. 

On the other side sound systems’ respond to all FM channels at home conveniently. When playing tunes outdoors, this means of connection is unrivaled.

NB: Wireless connections are much expensive in comparison to other methods like plugging into an RCA plug source.

How to Connect a Car Stereo to a House Plug and How to Connect 6 Speakers to a 2 Channel Amp

Do you have no idea how to connect a car entertainment system to a wall outlet? To connect a car stereo to a house electrical source, follow these procedures.

Furthermore, all procedures are simple to follow, so let’s have a look at how to make this connection.

Step 1: Gather all Necessary Materials

Before connecting a car audio system to a house plug, have all materials for construction at your side hence fast set-up. Here are the materials required:

  • A power supply unit
  • A car audio system
  • Boxes for speaker set-up
  • Crimps and wire stripper
  • A cutting tool
  • An electric insulation tape

Step 2: PSU Wiring

A Power supply unit connector has diverse wires which are colored differently. First, black and green wires are ideal for use here.

Next, strip both ends of wires. In addition, connect one wire end to the adjacent green wire.

Additionally, connect the black wire at the end of the pin, which enables the amplifier’s power supply unit to power once switched on.

Step 3: Stereo Unit Wiring Process

On the car stereo unit, start striping ends of red and yellow wires and link them to the power supply unit yellow wire.

Essentially, the affiliated black wire should be attached to PSU’s black wire. Check that the power supply unit is operating by connecting it to a power source.

If so, unplug and proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Connect Power Supply Unit and Car Stereo

As a formality, link pin connectors with wires while the black ground wire is connected with black connector wire.

Also, note that the yellow and red wires share the connector’s yellow wire.

NB: In a car stereo, the yellow wire is always constant, red for ignition, and yellow for ground.

Step 5: Wiring of Home-Based Music System

An important tip is, the head unit size determines the number of audio output gadgets ideal for connecting. Gray and white wires are ideal for front-side speakers. 

In addition, the green and purple wires are for back audio output gadgets. Also, positive wires take any color, while negative cables are identified by a black stripe running from top to bottom.

Step 6: Box Assembly

Measure the size of the car sound system and cut the acquired box according to the already made measurement. Also, this box should accommodate your amplifier. 

Cut a precisely measured hole in the unit box accommodating PSU. Speakers also should be incorporated in the box, and making an ideal cut is prudent.

Next, on PSU’s box, drill enough holes to enable PSU fun to release excess heat and thus cool off. Assemble all accessories in the box and specific spaces.

Use screws to fix these accessories together.

Step 7: Make The Final Test

Following all the above-mentioned steps will enable you to play your car stereo from a power source of 120 V.

Continue by plugging an inverter into a power source and switching on the car stereo system. 

Most importantly, following these tips enables one to avoid hefty charges associated with consulting professional technicians.

What Can I Use to Power a Car Stereo at Home

A car stereo is ideal for home use with the right equipment. Incorporating car audio systems at home is simple and fast. Gadgets that enable car stereos to power at home include:

Utilize a 12DC Affiliated Converter

If you lack a power supply unit, a 12DC converter is a robust tool for powering a car stereo system at home.

Start by connecting speakers to the car audio system. Gray and green wires are essential for making a connection.

Proceed to link red and yellow wires on the sound system, and for exceptional sound, adding another speaker is robust.

Wires can be connected by twisting or soldering them. Another vital accessory is a 12V power cable. 

Finish by stripping the tip of the wire cover and linking the decorated black wire to the music system’s yellow & red wires.

Moreover, before plugging all wires, ensure proper insulation is completed.

Making Use of a Car Stereo Power Supply

A home power supply unit is required here. If you lack a PSU, you can purchase one, and in case you have an old computer, un-install and use it. 

Connecting is simple, and just locate PSU’s black and green wires. Importantly, use a wire in between these two wires, and remarkably, it acts as a jumper.

Twist the car stereo red and yellow wires and make a connection. Next, link the black ground wire to the pin connector of a sound system. 

In a car’s audio system, yellow and red wires link to adjacent yellow wires of the system connector.

Lastly, hook and connect the music system with audio output gadgets and switch power on.

Expect excellent sound, and most importantly, your equipment is safe from a rogue power outage.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV Without Audio Output

Connecting external speakers to a TV without an audio output source is possible. Here is how to achieve this.

Utilize Toslink Output

Almost all TVs have a TOSLINK port and an enabling optic connection. Digitals signals are converted to light via optic cable before being decrypted. 

External speakers with a TOSLINK link are fast to connect to TVs. Also, TOSLINK cable ends ought to be connected to a TV and external speakers.

On the other end, if external speakers utilize RCA input, connecting with a TV is possible. Acquire an analog to digital converter to achieve this. 

All you need is to link the ends of said TOSLINK cable to the TV’s output jack. Essentially, TOSLINK’s cable end and converter’s input source should be well connected. 

Finally, link the RCA cable to the converter’s output jack while the other end goes to the speaker.

Utilizing the 3.5mm Jacks

One of the cheapest ways of connecting a sound output gadget to a TV is using a 3.5mm jack. For most TVs, a 3.5mm jack is used for audio sound listening. 

Also, you can use PC’s audio output gadgets instead of TV ones. Moreover, not all PC audio output gadgets produce the best sound, and it’s better to have a jack connection.

Utilizing HDMI Switcher Box

Almost all modern TVs have an HDMI port, and it’s concerned with relaying digital information (audio).

If external speakers have an HDMI port, it’s possible to connect via two ports. But what happens if the external speakers use RCA inputs.

A scenario like this requires an HDMI-affiliated switcher box. With an HDMI switcher box, start by connecting the ends of the HDMI cable to the TV and HDMI switcher, respectively. 

Remarkably, RCA and sound gadgets link with an HDMI switcher box. Additionally, this enables multiple device connections to a TV with a single HDMI input.

How to Connect Speakers to Pc without an Amplifier

It’s really simple to connect speakers to a computer without using an amplifier. Speakers work when connected to gadgets that have in-built amplifiers.

Remember, passive speaker models, lack an inbuilt amplifier. All computers have an in-built amplifier, and connecting a passive speaker will produce sound.

Speakers are ideal for installing on a PC without an amplifier. Here is the process

Step 1: Identify The Ideal Set-Up Location

Start by positioning all gadgets in a proper set-up position and more so next to your PC. Doing so ensures all devices are close for a fast set-up process.

Step 2: Ensure the PC is off

Always shut off everything, including the PC, to avoid damage in case there are compatibility issues. Electronic experts always advise people to shut off PCs when connecting new devices.

Step 3: Power Connection

Importantly, the speaker’s power cables connect to an ideal power source, and PCs should be turned off to avoid compatibility issues. In addition, you protect a speaker from potential damage.

Step 4: Connect The Speaker to The PC

A 3mm jack port is present in the PC’s front area and just pushes a little bit with less effort to protect all internal parts of the port.

Step 5: Power on The Computer

Start your PC and adjust volume settings. Moreover, a good connection between a PC and speaker should be possible to achieve at this step.

Step 6: Final Test

Play your favorite music tune and scan for sound quality. Importantly, adjust everything from volume level in addition to bass effects by following OS setting basics.

Verdict of How to Connect 6 Speakers to a 2 Channel Amp

Have you now known how to connect 6 speakers to a 2 channel amp? Ideally, a suitable amplifier should handle greater power compared to the manufacturer’s recommended range. 

Importantly, amps need protection from overloaded to avoid speaker and other device damage.

Getting top-notch and quality music is a common reason for having multiple speakers. 

Following all information detailed in this blog post will give you an easy time connecting speakers with an amplifier, in addition to other gadgets.

All content detailed in this post is factual and correct. If you haven’t linked a speaker with a suitable system, we have provided immense info on how to achieve a proper connection.

Follow our blogs to get insights involving most sound equipment.

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