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Learn the Best Way to How to Connect a Subwoofer to an Old Amplifier or Vintage Turntable Guide 2021

Do you like listen to music with a high quality of sound? Here are a few ideas for how to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier? The subwoofer has now become the basic needs of everyone.

You can use them at home parties, office conferences all types of places. Some subwoofers are coming with amplifiers to give high-quality bass and sound.

Due to high functioning, they are a little expensive. The amplifier is used to reproduce frequencies at low pitch. They can easily be connected with external speakers.

It can give you clear and high-quality sound. Moreover, amplifiers are used to play old voice files that can be destroyed during digital conversion.

If you don’t want to spend money on a gadget like this. However, I appreciate the sound quality. You do not need to get worried; you can connect your old amplifiers with subwoofers.

You may have two-in-one functionality with the greatest quality at a lower price. Here we will describe different methods to connect the subwoofers with old amplifiers. These are simple and one of the easy methods now, let’s start it.

How to Connect Headphones to Tv without a Headphone Jack

 In the digital world, day by day, companies are launching new models of their products with Bluetooth facilities and removing the bundle of wires.

But some people like their old gadgets and wanted to use them with modern technologies. Do you like to listen to music, news, and office voice files on your headphones?

Moreover, I wanted to connect them with Televisions, etc. that do not have an audio jack. Not all types of modern television have headphone jacks.

Instead of sockets, they have audio outputs and nowadays commonly use technologies like Bluetooth, HDMI. However, several types of sound receiver equipment available. 

 You can connect your headphone by choosing the right sound receiving device. Here, we will discuss briefly how to connect headphones to tv without a headphone jack?

 By Using Audio Output

First, check your device has an audio output jack. You can usually find two sockets, white and red, on the back- left side of the television. It mostly depends upon your device model.

Then the next step is making sure that jacks are for output only. The last and simple step is to use the right adapter with 3.5 mm sockets with two RCA plugs. To achieve the optimum sound quality, RCA is utilized.

RCA plug into the television RCA jacks and headphones with an adapter of 3.5mm. Now you can enjoy your music or any voice on your headphones.

It is one of the efforts less and one of the cheapest methods. Some headphones have a large port of ¼ inches. You can use them with 3.5mm sockets by using additional adapters.

By Using the Wireless Function

 It one of the simplest and lovable methods for all types of devices. You have to just pair your devices from setting options. It is the simplest method. All most of all, new devices have this astonishing feature to easily enjoy audio.

 By Using a Digital Output Audio Kit

 Suppose your device has a digital output audio kit. Then you a converter that can convert digital to analog. Several types of the converter are available in the market to connect your headphones with these types of devices.

You just need to plug and enjoy them. Coaxial and optical two types of converter available in the market. Before buying, check them with your device whether it’s working or not.

Chose the right converter for your device better work. It is a little expensive above mentioned all methods. Coaxial and optical two types of converter available in the market.

Before buying, check them with your device whether it’s working or not. Chose the right converter for your device better work. It is a little expensive above mentioned all methods.

How to Connect a Subwoofer to an Old Amplifier

A subwoofer is one of the most frequently used technology nowadays. Subwoofers reproduce frequencies at low pitch. You can enjoy your music or voice files without skipping. It gives the best quality of sound.

Most new models of subwoofers have amplifiers to give you the best quality of sound. But unfortunately, if your internal amplifier is not working or not as strong that you wanted.

Suppose your subwoofers are without built-in internal amplifiers. Then definitely you wanted to connect with external amplifiers. Moreover, if you like to listen to your tracks on old amplifiers.

Fortunately, you can connect your old amplifiers with subwoofers by following simple steps, or you can enjoy your playlist.

  • Set your subwoofer at a convenient place where wires can easily connect with amplifiers or some other external devices.
  • All power supplies with subwoofer and amplifiers must be switched off.
  • Use the RCA cables to perfectly connect the subwoofers with external amplifiers.
  • Carefully connect the output terminal of a subwoofer with an amplifier’s input terminal to get the best quality of bass.
  • Now connect the speakers with their corresponding negative / positive terminals that you can find on them at the device’s left backside.
  • Again, check all the connections of wire and on the power supply.
  • Your device is ready now; you can enjoy music/voice files at high bass with the best quality of sound.


In every sound system, cables play a vital role. Usually, sound systems have two types of wire RCA and XLR. Both cable’s functions and output quality depend upon the connecting device.

In some cases, XLR quality is best, and sometimes RCA gives you desired quality. XLR cables give the best and balanced quality of signals as compared to RCA cables.

Moreover, XLR has balanced pines that are hot, cold, and grounded cable. RCA has only one unbalanced cable. The balanced cables XLR can give you the best quality of signals over long distances without skipping any types of signals.

The XLR cables can receive strong and low frequencies. They are mostly used in a studio where the frequency of the signal is not defined. Over a considerable distance, RCA does not function.

It can not bear the strong signal due to its unbalanced design. Moreover, XRL can handle noise in a better way as compare to RCA cables.

The hot and cold pines of XRL cables received the signals and handling Noise. Both cables use the reverse method to give you the best quality of sound. If your system has both, then the XLR is the best option.

Some people consider that the cable quality does not affect the sound quality. It is a myth do not consider this it will just create confusion.

How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver

The subwoofer is a multi-functional device. A subwoofer is used to improve the sound and bass of your audio system. It reproduces the frequency at a low pitch to give you high quality of sound. If you wanted clubs like fun at home or extra HD quality of voice.

You can connect external receivers with your device. It can give you high quality of sound at cheaper rates. Here, we will discuss some methods to connect the receives with subwoofers.

You can attain your desired product by following these methods. Connect your subwoofer with receivers via cables. Insert the cables from subwoofer input to receiver output jacks.

You can find the jack usually on the backside of the receiver or depends on the model designed. If you wanted to attach your subwoofer with stereo receivers, you will require extra input kits.

  • Cut the length of wire that can reach the receivers from a speaker.
  • Unscrew the speakers’ back covers to connect the wire in the right terminals, then connect with receivers. The speaker’s left wire connects to the receiver’s left terminal.
  • When you unscrew the back cover, you will also find a clockwise moving hole. Connect the red cable in this hole. Insert the left terminal wire and again screw it.
  • Check the wire connection red just below the right terminal. Other wires are properly connecting with a left terminal. Here is your device, ready to give you a club-like thrill.
  • If you feel redacting or skipping of sound, then again check the connection. It is usually occurring due to the lost connection. If not resolving the then again plug because it required proper supply of power and enjoy it.

How to Fix The Headphone Jack without Soldering

Headphones are the most frequently used device. Nowadays all almost everybody has a pair of headphones. With passage of time, headphones have become the basic need of everyone.

You can enjoy music, what s app voice clips, video, office conference and much more via connected with phones, laptops, etc.

Sometimes frequent use, the jack of headphone broke down or stopped working. But you do not want to replace them with a new one. Suppose you can afford new headphones.

So, do not worry you fix the jack at home without using soldering. Soldering is a professional tool; not every household has this. A layman is not familiar with the use of soldering iron.

Somehow it is a little dangerous to use if you are unfamiliar with it. But you can fix your headphones without using soldering at your place by following these steps.

  • Cut the jack with almost 8-9 cm wire for better fixing. A shorter wire will create a problem, and you cannot fix it properly.
  • Remove the rubber sheath’s wire insulation with the help of a cutter, scissor, and sharp knife.
  • Carefully remove the vanish from the wire by using fire. Do not put your wire for longer periods; it may destroy the wire. When it will burn 1 to 2 cm, remove it and clean it with the help of a rough piece of cloth.
  • After removing vanish, identify the damaged wire by twisting it. Make sure wires are not touching each other. If everything is ok and working properly, then move forward.
  • Check and clean the vanish of the jack and replace it.
  • Before connecting wire with jack isolated, rubber tape uses to isolate them or to avoid sparking.
  • Carefully connect the wire in their corresponding terminal in the jack of the headphone.
  • Reisolated the hole wire with the help of rubber tape.
  • Now check the jack your headphones are ready to use as a new one.

How to Connect Multiple Speakers to a Receiver

Suppose you like to enjoy music at home. But you do not have a budget to buy expensive speakers. You can connect your old multiple speakers to get extra sound.

With the single-use of the receiver, you can get rid of the bundle of wires. Moreover, you can control the bass, volume of multiple speakers with a single button.

The connectivity of speakers with the receiver depends upon their impedance. If lower impedance ranges from the receiver, use the parallel connecting method.

The impedance is mentioned on all devices. Every type of speaker has a different level. impedance and sensitivity. Different level of impedance and sensitivity shows that they required different levels of powers.

If the impedance range more than the receiver, you will follow the series method. Connect left the negative terminal with amplifiers positive terminals.

Connect the left wire of speakers with a left jack of amplifiers. Further steps are briefly described below.

  • Take the two wires first one is connected with the speaker’s input, and the second one is connected with the receiver’s output jack. On both devices, mention left, right/positive, negative terminal. So carefully connect it.
  • The main power supply must be switched off.
  • Now unscrew the speakers from the back to connect with further other speakers.
  • When you open the speaker’s box, you will find a rotating input hole. Insert positive negative terminals carefully according to their corresponding jacks.
  • When you were connecting wires, make sure they are not connecting. Don isolated it may affect the flow of the current
  • After connecting wires, carefully again screwed the box. 
  • Repeat the processes with all speakers.
  • Now on the main power supply here is your device is ready to work.

Carefully connect the wire in their jacks. The receiver can work efficiently at a lower volume. When you increase the volume, it starts to skip the sound because of multiple speakers connected the load on receivers increases.

The limited range of the speakers can give you a better quality of sounds. If the load increases, the power supply will also get increases, so maybe sparking occurs.

How to Connect 4 Speakers to a 2-Channel Amp

There are two types of methods to connect the speakers with a 2-channel amp parallel and series. If you will follow the parallel method, then you will face lowering the impedance of the amplifiers as compared to the series methods.

Before applying the method, we should well be familiar with the impedance range of our output device amplifiers. If the range lies within the amplifier range, then we will follow the parallel method.

You can find out the impedance range by sum up the impedance range of the speaker’s pairs. If you follow the parallel method, then you will connect the right terminal of the speakers into the corresponding terminal of the amplifiers.

The left will be connected from amplifiers to the speaker’s negative terminal. Repeat the steps with other pairs and have fun with your device.

If the impedance range more than the amplifier, you will follow the series method. Connect left the negative terminal with amplifiers positive terminals. Connect the left wire of speakers with a left jack of amplifiers.

Using the above-mentioned methods, you can make your desired product, and you will enjoy the thrill of voice with high quality of sound.


In the end, you are well familiar with how to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier? All possible methods and functions are well described above.

We hope that it well helps you during connecting the subwoofer with old amplifiers.  Numerous types of subwoofer and amplifiers are available in the market with all new features.

But the old amplifiers have their importance because they can play your old songs on old devices. You can enjoy old age fun in the modern era.

Furthermore, if you are on a restricted budget, you will not be able to get a new amplifier. So, you can connect the subwoofer with old amplifiers. Old amplifiers are more reliable and efficient to use.

It can provide you with the highest sound quality without skipping. When we use new, sometimes it creates problems with our old collection of voice clips.

When it covert into digital form and compressed, the old file loses some data. So, an old amplifier is the best with a lower budget. 

Moreover, if you are comfortable with old things, then you can enjoy new technology with old ones. For these types of amazing products, follow the methods as mentioned above.

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