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It’s All About Guide of How to Connect iHome Speaker 2022

Connecting Bluetooth speakers to your devices may be a big hassle, but there’s no need to worry as we are here to guide you sequentially so you can get to know how to connect iHome speakers.

It may be difficult for a beginner to use iHome Bluetooth speakers and attach them to their devices.

Bluetooth speakers are very easy to connect rather than their predecessors, i.e., wired speakers. Once connected, they automatically pair with the device subsequently.

Top 15 Best Quality iHome Speakers

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iHome PLAYPRO Portable Bluetooth
Speaker - IP67 Waterproof
Rechargeable Audio Device
iHome iBT371 Weather Tough Portable
Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker
iHome PlayFade Portable Bluetooth
Speaker - Water-Resistant Rechargeable Audio
Device for Outdoor Events
iHome iBT155 Bluetooth Speaker Weather Tough
Color Changing Floating Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker
iHome PlayGlow Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Rechargeable Color
Changing Audio Device
iHome Bluetooth Speaker with SPEAKERPH
iHome Portable Rechargeable Stereo Speaker System
iHome PLAYGLOW Color Changing Bluetooth
Rechargeable Speaker System
iHome iBT158 Smart Bluetooth Speaker -
With Color Changing LED Lights
iHome iBTW281 Alarm Clock Radio
Wake To Light Bluetooth Speaker
iHome TIMEBASE PRO+ Triple Charging Alarm
Clock | Qi-Certified Wireless Charging
IHOME Portable Bluetooth SPK Wireless
iHome TIMEBOOST Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Alarm
Clock with Bluetooth Speaker
iHome iBT234 Dual Alarm Clock FM
Radio Bluetooth Speaker, Voice
Control Siri and Google Assistant
iHome Color Changing Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Speakerphone

Read the following guide to have more information about connecting Bluetooth speakers to your devices. Speakers are important peripheral devices attached to computers.

They are used for converting inaudible computer sounds into charming audile sounds that one loves listening to. 

They receive an input signal from the computer and generate the sound into an audible frequency range. They are used at different places for various purposes that perform.

Over time, they have evolved with the addition of features and specifications. Their sizes have been reduced to compact forms, and their shapes have changed accordingly.

One can take them anywhere they want and enjoy music. They add the joy and pleasure one needs in life. Their quality of producing sound got better, which resulted in their better versions.

They were connected to devices through wires in earlier versions, but now they are connected through Bluetooth. 

The best Bluetooth speakers invented to date are iHome Bluetooth speakers. The method of how to connect ihome Bluetooth speaker ibt77 to devices is very convenient. It is discussed in detail below:-

Features of iHome Speakers

IHome speakers are known worldwide for their extraordinary features that are unique to them. Their features are given below:-

  • Weather tough: They are built with a shock-proof surface that makes them endure tough weather conditions and function the same.
  • Accent lighting: They have LED lights in 5 different colors. The colors blend according to the beats of the music. 
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth technology in iHome speakers helps prevent you from struggling with the wire connections while matching gauge and polarity with the terminals, they automatically join to the device, and you can easily your favorite music and listen to it. Bluetooth mode also allows answering calls through it. Bluetooth also allows you to keep your speakers or device from one place to another without disconnecting them. On the contrary, you can not move wired speakers. They’d have to be in place because if moved, the wires may disconnect, disrupting the music production. Wired speakers are not portable, while Bluetooth speakers are portable. 
  • Rechargeable battery: They have a durable lithium battery that works perfectly fine for 8 long hours when charged to the full. After 8 hours, when it ends, you may easily charge it again. 
  • Speakerphone: The speakerphone in these speakers help in receiving/ending calls through digital voice echo.
  • Waterproof: The texture of the speakers is made of a material that is water and dust-resistant. It prevents dust particles from entering inside it. Also, it prevents moisture from getting inside for up to 30 minutes if placed in 1 meter of water. 

Maintenance of ihome Speakers

You have to take care of your iHome speakers to increase their period and quality of performance. For maintenance of iHome speakers, you need to follow the instructions beneath:-

  • Always place your iHome speakers on a flat and smooth surface. Its surface may wear and tear if placed and used in rough places. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • If used excessively, the speaker may produce heat that can ultimately damage your furniture made up of lacquered natural wood. Hence, we recommend you always place a soft cloth or any other insulator that doesn’t transfer heat from speakers to the furniture and protects it.
  • If speakers get dirty, then always use a damp towel to clean them. We advise you to refrain from using other cleaners such as thinners or other cleaning agents as they may severely damage the surface of the iHome speakers. 

Learn About How to Connect iHome Speakers at Home One by One

You might encounter issues connecting your iHome speakers while at home. The steps mentioned below would explain to you how to pair iHome speakers at home.

  1. Charging: Before getting started with the process, it is necessary to make sure that the Bluetooth speakers are 100% charged. They would be working at their best when fully charged. 
  2. Power on: For initiating the entire process, it is mandatory to turn on the power switch of iHome speakers to endure that they are ready to give and receive Bluetooth signals. For switching them on, you have to press the power button and hold it for a little time until it produces a sound. When the sound is produced, leave the button. Now the speaker is on and ready to work.
  3. Turning on Bluetooth on iHome speaker: to switch on the Bluetooth mode in the speakers, you have to move the switch that is present on the bottom of the power switch. It is moved from ‘aux’ to ‘Bluetooth.’ 
  4. Within reach: you should also make sure that both the speaker and the device to be connected are close to each other such that they can catch each other’s signals. That distance should be less than 30 ft. 
  5. Turning on Bluetooth on the device: For switching Bluetooth mode on the device, i.e., android mobile/tablet, go to the settings tab. From there, press the connections and then press Bluetooth after that. 
  6. Turning on the Bluetooth signal: Now, come back to iHome speakers. There would be three buttons on the top panel, i.e., play, pause, pairing. Press the pairing button and hold it for 1-2 seconds. It would produce a double-beep sound with a flash of amber-colored light on the front. It means that it is ready to accept Bluetooth signals.
  7. Entering password: Now move back to the android device. It would show the name of iHome speakers upon the screen, i.e., iDM12. Press it, and if the password is required, then enter 1234. 
  8. Pairing: Following this, you would see that the flash of light turns its color from amber to green. This would specify that both the devices are paired now. Some iHome Bluetooth speakers indicate the ‘pairing’ by emitting a sound that announces ‘paired.’
  9. The pairing of both devices: You would see the ‘paired’ option on the android device, too, that is connected.
  10. Play: Now, you can enjoy playing music or anything else on the speaker with a louder note.

Once the device is paired with the android device, it will automatically pair with it at further usage. They would not ask you to provide a password.

You only have to press the pairing button on the speaker and turn on the Bluetooth switch on your android device. They would catch each other’s signals and automatically pair again.

Still, if, due to some reason, they don’t connect automatically, then you have to follow the steps mentioned above to re-pair them.

One of the reasons it fails to connect automatically, then it checks whether the speakers are fully charged and switched on. 

These iHome speakers may also be paired with a Windows or Apple computer at home. The steps are almost the same, just the computer’s settings are different from that of mobile.

When Bluetooth is turned on in the computer, press the pairing button on the speakers and wait to pair them. 

How to Get More Bass Out of Your iHome Speakers

If you want to improve the bass of your iHome speakers, then follow the method below to solve your problem without annoyance.

  • Placement of speakers: It is necessary to place your iHome speakers in a perfect position so that the sound they produce can become louder. We recommend you place your speakers within 8-12 inches from the wall. For better quality of sound, place them at the corner of the room. 
  • Increase the quality of the music: If you want to improve the bass of the music you want to listen to, then increase the quality of the music in the settings on the online streaming platform, e.g., YouTube. 
  • Cover up speakers: Bass of the speaker may be reduced due to sound leakage. Hence, to avoid this, use an enclosure for the speakers. It helps the sound concentrate at one point, and thus, its bass would be louder. The enclosure is already built-in in many speakers but uses one if your speaker lacks it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of How to Connect ihome Bluetooth Speaker ibt77

As everything has been clearly explained, still if you have any queries, have a read to the following questions to pique your curiosity:-

Q1: How do I connect my iHome wireless speaker?

Ans: To connect the iHome wireless speaker to a device, open ‘Wi-Fi settings’ on the smart device you want to connect.

There, it would show home iAVS16′, click that as a Wi-Fi network connection. Now, press your preferred Wi-Fi network from the iHome AVS app and enter the password. 

Q2: Why is my iHome speaker not connecting?

Ans: If you are having issues joining your iHome speakers with the device through Bluetooth, pair it again. To re-pair, open the Bluetooth devices menu and forget the device from there.

Switch on the Bluetooth option again on the device. When the name of iHome speakers appears, press it to initiate pairing. 

Q3: How do I make my iHome Bluetooth speaker discoverable?

Ans: You can make your iHome Bluetooth speaker discoverable by turning on the power button. Along with it, make sure that the speaker is fully charged and within the device’s range. 

Q4: Where is the Bluetooth button on the iHome speaker?

Ans: You can turn on Bluetooth mode on the iHome speaker by pressing the ‘pairing’ button. It is present on the far right of the top panel. To its left, there are play and pause buttons.

Q5: How to connect iHome speakers to android?

Ans: Follow the instructions beneath to connect your speakers to an android device in some easy steps:-

  1. Press the power button and hold it for 2 seconds. Also, press the pairing button, which will turn it into Bluetooth mode. Ensure that the speakers are 30 ft. or less in the distance from the android device.
  2. Now, turn on Bluetooth in your android device too in the settings and then connections.
  3. To complete the pairing process, hold the pairing button, turning on the amber light with a beep sound.
  4. Now check the screen of your android device upon which the name of your Bluetooth speakers would be appearing. Select that and type the password 1234.
  5. After the passwords are matched, both the devices would be connected by Bluetooth, and the speakers would turn on the green light. 

Q6: How to connect iHome mini speaker?

Ans: For connecting your iHome mini speaker with a Bluetooth device, turn on Bluetooth on the device from the settings menu. The name of the iHome mini speaker, i.e., iHome iBT60, would show on the screen.

Connect it to the speakers if it’s not connected. When paired, the blue light will turn on, and a beep sound will be produced. 

Q7: How to connect iHome Bluetooth speaker iBT77?

Ans: To pair your iBT77 to an android device capable of Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth in the iHome speaker and the android device.

When they both are connected, iBT77 would recognize the device, and you can then play your music through it.

Q8: How to connect iHome speaker to Samsung TV?

Ans: First, switch on Bluetooth mode in your iHome speakers and keep it within range of Samsung TV. Then, go to the Bluetooth audio device list on your Samsung TV.

The name of your speaker would appear on your screen; select that. Depending on the model of Samsung TV, the process may be slightly different, but the basics are the same.

Q9: How to use your iPhone as a Bluetooth speaker?

Ans: You can link your iPhone to your iHome Bluetooth speaker by using applications in iPhone such as airfoil. Also, you can stream any music that you want to play on a music player. 

Q10: How to connect Bluetooth speakers to my laptop?

Ans: Here are the steps that you can follow to connect your iHome Bluetooth speakers with your laptop: 

  • If your laptop is capable of Bluetooth, then on the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Click expand so you can see more icons. 
  • There would be a Bluetooth icon; select that. 
  • It would switch on Bluetooth on your laptop. 
  • Also, switch on Bluetooth in speakers. 
  • The name of the speakers would show on your laptop. Click that and connect it. 
  • Now, both the devices are paired.

Q11: How can I connect my Bluetooth speaker to devices without Bluetooth?

Ans: If your device is Bluetooth-incompatible, the only solution for connecting your speakers to your device is a 3.5mm aux cable.

Connect one side of the aux cable to the speakers and the other to the device. In this way, the speaker would be attached to the device.

Q12: I want to connect 2 sets of speakers to my laptop. How do I do it? 

Ans: For pairing your 2 sets of speakers with your laptop, below is the method you can follow:

  • First, connect both the devices to each other. They should be of the same model and brand. Otherwise, they won’t connect.
  • Now connect both of your speakers with your laptop by switching on Bluetooth in your laptop too. 
  • Open the windows bar on your laptop and press manage audio devices.
  • Click ‘speakers’ and then select ‘set default.’ 
  • Now click ‘listen to this device.’ 
  • Now both the speakers are connected to your laptop. Hence, sit back and enjoy music


To sum up, speakers have added joy and melody to our lives. Connecting speakers to our computers and laptops have been made much convenient, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth speakers come in pocket sizes; hence you can take them anywhere you want and connect them to your devices.

They increase the volume of the music and add quality to the music that you want to listen to. Bluetooth has solved many problems faced by many due to wiring connections of wired speakers.

One can easily connect Bluetooth speakers to any device that is capable of Bluetooth. Most of the speakers available in the market now are compatible with Bluetooth.

The best Bluetooth speakers are iHome Bluetooth speakers due to the features idiosyncratic to them. They outperform other speakers because of their louder sounds with more bass.

Bass enhances the entertainment provided by the music. With louder notes and more bass, music can be enjoyed by many people out there. 

My above explanation of how to connect iHome speakers would have certainly made you connect your speakers to your devices. Now sit back! And listen to your favorite music. 

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