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How to Connect Samsung Subwoofer to Soundbar without Remote ! It’s Easy if You Do it Smartly 2022

Everyone who has got a Samsung subwoofer wants to know How to Connect Samsung Subwoofer to Soundbar without Remote. Soundbars help to create an excellent sound experience.

But, it is very important to add a subwoofer to it if you are looking to enjoy low-frequency sounds and an amazing experience.

But, when it comes to connecting the subwoofer to your Samsung soundbar, it can be a bit tricky task without a remote. 

Hence, to avoid such kind of hassle, we will check out How to Connect Subwoofer to Soundbar. In this post, we will learn how you can connect a soundbar to a sub without a remote. 

Let’s check out two ways to connect Samsung Soundbar to the subwoofer by automatic or manual connection without a remote.

With the automatic connection, you just have to turn on both devices. Suppose Bluetooth is on. It gets connected automatically.

And with the manual connection, you need to use the ID SET button located on the subwoofer backside.

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Easy Way to Learn How To Use A Subwoofer without Remote

Soundbars are the best ways you can improve the quality of sound coming from your TV. Besides, they are designed in such a way that it is simple to set them up because of their compact shape and size.

On the other hand, they are very affordable, even though you will find some high-end models in the market.

Samsung is quite diligent in setting their subwoofer link ID to its Soundbar right from the manufacturing.

What does it mean? If you turn on both the subwoofer and the Soundbar, you will find both devices connect automatically.

So, all you need to do is to ensure both get turned off. After that, plug them into the wall socket and turn on the Soundbar and subwoofer. Now, it must get connected.

But, in a few cases, you will find that your subwoofer is not properly linking to its soundbar system even after you turn this on.

To solve this problem, some steps will help you get it back together easily. Many users recommend leaving these devices to rest for seconds or minutes before connecting them again.

Here is one way you can try and connect them:

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Try Out Automatic Connection

Most of the time, the Samsung soundbar and sub connect automatically, providing they’re turned on after plugging it in the power cords properly.

Make sure you check the wiring and connections are appropriately done. A person doesn’t need any remote for that as its ID set is incorporated intelligently in both devices for immediate connection. 

For properly establishing the connection of both the unit, make sure to connect the power cords of both the devices to the power outlet. Put on the power of a soundbar, and wait for some minutes.

Once its blue LED indicator maintains the glow without any blinking, it means you have connected the subwoofer successfully to its Soundbar. 

Alternatively, if you find the blue indicator blinking continuously after some minutes, then it means there is not any connection available.

So, you will have to restart this process again. Turn on your Soundbar, try to unplug both the cords from its socket, and then reconnect it back; this might work.

Learn How to Connect Samsung Subwoofer to Soundbar without Remote with Guide

No need to worry about navigating the complicated process when setting up the home theatre system.

Samsung soundbar and sub must connect most of the time automatically after they are put on, and making you enjoy for several hours.

But, for any reason it does not happen, then you can try to connect them manually. The process is very simple. 

First, you must check if the Soundbar has ports that will allow the subwoofer to connect easily.

And it will also have the subwoofer jack, or the manufacturer will list out expansion as the feature. 

The only drawback you might face is subwoofers and SoundBars are made to cannot get connected without the remote.

But, when you are in a manual connection, the power button will be easily available on a SoundBar. If you have not already done it, check out the given steps and try to reconnect them again.

Find ID Button

  • First, on your Samsung subwoofer, look for an ID set button, and you will find this on the rear of your box. 
  • Connect the subwoofer to its power outlet. 
  • After getting connected to a power source, a blue light will turn on, and this indicates your sub is in a pairing mode.

Using the Auto Power Link

  • With the help of the optical cable, try to connect the Samsung soundbar to your television. Note: Ensure to take out plastic protector caps when using an optical cable.
  • Set your Soundbar on D.IN mode just by pressing Source (find it on your remote/Soundbar).
  • Hold down the left direction on your remote for 5 seconds or more till you find Auto Power Link on your soundbar display. Activate/deactivate the Auto Power Link. Auto Power Link works only with the optical connection, so it must be turned on automatically.

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Learn How to Build Subwoofer to Soundbar

Connecting your Samsung subwoofers & soundbars will be a bit tricky. You buy only a soundbar or speakers most of the time, and it does not include the subwoofer.

After that, you plan to add the subwoofer that will create a much better sound. Unluckily, it is not that easy, so better check out how to connect a Samsung subwoofer to a soundbar without the remote.

Soundbars with Subwoofers

Another way to connect a subwoofer to a soundbar is by buying both of them together. Most of the soundbars are packaged with the subwoofer or with extra speakers that will help to create a much better sound experience.

The reason is they lack bass and have a front-heavy sound. Today multiple-speaker deals have become quite popular.

You will come across many soundbars in the market that includes subwoofer and external speakers. The majority of them are wireless.

Suppose you already have the Soundbar but do not have an option to add a subwoofer to it. Then buying the soundbar package will be the best option for you.

Check out a complete range of options that are available at a different price range. There are chances you will come across a great deal that fits your needs and budget and provide a quality, sound experience.

Ways to add a wireless subwoofer to the Soundbar

Power Cord

Connect the power cord and wireless device to its channel.

Turn On

After turning on this unit, both the devices will connect automatically. Suppose it’s placed near to the device, then sound quality comes better. Thus, try and install both the devices closer and enjoy this benefit.

Get the Final Check Done

After completing the installation process, suppose your sub doesn’t give perfect bass sound. You must check the following things. Any hindrance between its head unit & sub. Any device with the same frequency will create issues.

Allow Subwoofer to Pair

After turning on the Soundbar, your subwoofer will connect with your Soundbar automatically. So, when you find the blue light getting stable, your connection between both two devices is established rightly.  

Suppose you find blue LED light still blinking. This indicates failure in your connection.

But, there is nothing to worry about, as you may easily troubleshoot the issue just by switching off your Soundbar. Follow the given steps again.

Sometimes there are pairing issues with a sub and Soundbar. Make sure you check the issue and resolve them by pairing this back to your sound system.

The best thing is to use a 5.1 channel soundbar to enjoy better results.

Consider Stereo Mini Mixer & Receiver

Another method you can try out if you have required equipment, like a receiver, Soundbar, stereo mini mixer, and subwoofer, to start the process.

  • Connect your Soundbar to a receiver. Then, start with the front left, right, and center channels of your stereo mixer.
  • When at a stereo mini mixer, just add this to the main unit, and combine this with any gadget. Hide speaker wires if you want without cutting the walls and using the box.

The given method is applicable only if you make all connections appropriately and carefully; any wrong link may affect its sound quality.

Besides, if you don’t have these items readily available, you need to buy a new package with the gadgets.

As mentioned, the jack and cable settings are important if you want to connect the wired subwoofer without a remote.

Most of the wired subs don’t come with any kind of wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice automated channels. 

Follow the Steps to Connect It

  • On the Soundbar, find the sub-out jack. You will find it located on the backside of your device.
  • Find its input port on the subwoofer. Just like the first step, usually, it is on the backside of your device.
  • Plug mono cable in your Soundbar’s sub out jack & subwoofer’s input jack.

How To Make Subwoofer To Soundbar without Remote

After switching on the Samsung soundbar and sub, make sure to plug in its power cables. Usually, they will immediately connect.

Because its ID set is embedded ingeniously in both the devices for fast connection, so you will not require a remote to handle this task. 

Try to connect the Samsung soundbars and sub cords to the power and complete the connection process. After that, wait for some minutes after putting it on.

Given are some indications that you need to check out:

  • Make sure you connected the subwoofer to the Soundbar properly. 
  • Find the blue LED indicator that keeps the steady light on your sub and does not blink. Suppose the blue indicator flicker after some minutes. It means there is not any connection available. Start this procedure again right from the beginning.
  • Unplug both the power cords from its socket and again join them and turn off your Soundbar. Plugin different power outlets. Ensure it is properly plugged. These cords might be loose and resulting in a failed connection. It depends upon how often this connection fails. It can be the sub or Soundbar that is damaged.

Most of the soundbars generally come with subwoofers. Soundbars that come with the dedicated subwoofers don’t need any extra cables to connect.

But, still, you may use Bluetooth and other wireless options and connect your Samsung soundbar with the subwoofer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of How to Connect Samsung Subwoofer to Soundbar without Remote

How do I reset my Samsung soundbar without the remote?

The process is quite simple, power on your Soundbar and hold off the button on your soundbar remote. After that, hold down the power button till it shows ‘INIT OK’ on your soundbar display.

Suppose you are using the old Soundbar with no display. You can see the red light blinking and stopping once its reset is done. 

How do I connect my Samsung wireless subwoofer?

Occasionally your Samsung soundbar and sub come unpaired. Hence you will not hear bass while playing music. Here is a simple way to connect the Samsung soundbar to the sub.

Download your Samsung soundbar application on your smartphone device. After that, pair your device with a soundbar.

So, now your phone will work as a remote and hold down the ID set button over the subwoofer for some seconds & pair both the device.

Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my Soundbar?

There can be different reasons that your Samsung soundbar and sub will not link. The first thing that checks out is if the subwoofer and Soundbar are synced rightly to create quality bass sounds for a better listening experience. 

Another reason your subwoofer does not connect to the Soundbar is that your wall outlet might be faulty. Hence you need to check it out if it has the power.

Or it is possible you did not plug in your power cords appropriately and tightly, or the device is defective.

How do I pair my Samsung soundbar remote?

Setting up a TV’s audio output can allow you to easily control its Soundbar’s volume just by using the remote. When the output is properly set up, connect the digital cable or HDMI cable to its Soundbar.

Once you complete that, you can use just one remote for both your Soundbar and TV.

  • Use your TV remote and click on Settings, Sound, and select Sound Output of the Samsung TV.
  • Click on the Samsung soundbar, select Close. You can now use the TV remote for adjusting the volume or muting your Soundbar. Your Soundbar will turn on/off with your TV.

Why is my Samsung Soundbar not working?

If the Samsung soundbar is not working, try to reset all the devices and improve its communication. One simple troubleshooting technique is to disconnect power cords between the Soundbar and TV for three minutes or more.

This method allows complete rebooting that helps in connectivity when done properly. Then, try to reset its Soundbar just by turning them off and holding the pause button and turning on your device, and trying to connect.

How do I connect my wireless subwoofer to my TV?

Given are 5 steps to connect your wireless subwoofer easily to your TV unit:

  • First, determine if you want an optical cable or HDMI 
  • Place your Soundbar in the right position or where you want. 
  • Use your optical cable or HDMI cable to connect a soundbar to the TV. 
  • If the Soundbar does not include a separate subwoofer, skip it. If you have a separate subwoofer, try to connect it now.

Can I use Samsung Soundbar without a remote?

Yes, you can use your Samsung soundbar without a remote, put it ON, and use the Soundbar if the remote is lost or doesn’t have the power button. 

If you do not want to use the Soundbar remote each time, turn this ON as you find it terrible turning the Soundbar & TV ON separately. Try to sync your Soundbar and TV.

Just make sure you do not place your speaker very far from your TV. That will avoid audio delay.


A subwoofer isn’t generally seen getting connected with your Samsung Soundbar; but, using only a SoundBar will not render great bass.

Hence, you will need to know How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without a Remote to enjoy an amazing sound experience. 

Even though your Samsung soundbar must work without the subwoofer, but it will not produce a good bass sound.

So, connecting your Samsung subwoofer with a soundbar brings more depth, and you will enjoy it better.

Connecting your Samsung soundbar to a subwoofer can be a bit complicated, but it becomes simple when you follow the given tips correctly.

Even after connecting both the device’s power cords in a proper outlet, you can automatically connect your Samsung Soundbar to a sub, so you do not have to do anything.

At the end of the day, subs are meant for offering your non-modular experience. Hence, what you get in a package is meant to use and get an amazing audio experience.

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