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Learn How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp-Easy & Smart Solution 2021

One who loves loudspeakers and loud music will keep on making efforts to improve the Sound system. He will try every possible technique to make it louder. Amplifiers are one of the most frequent ways to make your automobile speakers louder. Photo Credit By: Nazly Ahmed

But they are quite expensive, and they are not in the budget of every person. So difficult for those who love loud music but cannot afford Amplifiers.

If you’re one of them, then this essay is unquestionably for you. This post will explain How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp.

Learn How to Make a Speaker

Now we are going to make speakers. The first step is the Magnet and Frame Assembly. In this step, we construct the magnet and the frame, and then both magnet and the frame are assembled.

We will mix FexOY and Sr to construct the magnet and make a fine powder of both chemicals. After this, we will mix the powder with the ceramic binder and put it in a metal die to bind the mixture.

We’re now moving on to the frame’s construction. For the construction of the frame, we use Aluminium or steel sheet. To allow the Cone’s free air movement, we cut holes in the sheet using a Cutting Machine.

After this, the sheet is then poured into the die of the desired shape. Once the construction of both permanent magnet and frame is completed, they are then bolted together to form an assembly.

Now moving towards the second step in speaker making, voice coil, and cone assembly. A very fine insulated copper wire winding many turns on a plastic bobbin is done to build voice coil construction for voice coil construction.

Individually, the spider, Cone, and the surrounding are formed and glued together in the Cone’s construction. After both these steps are done, then we will combine them both (Voice coil & Cone) as an assembly.

Now, we will attach the cone assembly to the frame assembly. We will first manually fix the spider with the frame base, and then the surround will be fixed onto the top of the frame.

After these steps, now it’s time to check the quality of the product made. The permanent magnet is checked for any cracks and chips. The cones are checked for any holes in the material and the proper fixing in cone assembly.

And in the end, we will connect the audio generator to the speaker assembly, to test power capabilities and frequency response, whether the sound is meeting the given quality measures or not.

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp

So, without using an amplifier, we’ll show how to make vehicle speakers louder. You may accomplish this in a number of key ways. The methods are as follows:

  • Use of Subwoofers
  • Damping
  • Getting Fresh Cable Connection
  • Applying non-invasive Add-ons
  • So, these are some of the significant ways that can increase the volume of your car speakers.

How to Make Your Car Louder Step By Step

Above, we have highlighted some of the significant points through which we can increase car speaker volume without using an external amplifier. So, now we will discuss every point detail:

 Use of Subwoofers

Instead of getting a new amplifier, the best alternative is to get a subwoofer. They’re often regarded as the best sound enhancers. They are also less expensive compared to Amplifiers.

Subwoofers make you the center of attraction when you are driving because it is just like a loudspeaker, and it emits sound just like you love. There’s no need to get another if you already have one.

To assemble, select a point in your car where you want to place the subwoofer and remember it should be a corner point, where it is not likely to vibrate. This act will make the sound system work the same as the amplifiers do.

The most crucial point is that you have to fine-tune your subwoofer and match it with your speakers.


Damping is a technique that increases the sound volume of the car speaker by reducing the sound coming from inside of the vehicle.

The fewer the car’s interior emits sound, the more precise and loud sound will come from the car’s sound system. Now when you know about what damping is. The areas of the vehicle that need damping are.


The area that requires the most damping is the Car doors. Damping car doors can improve sound system volume to a huge difference.


Where the doors contribute as an internal sound of the car, the Engine also does the same. So the damping of the Engine is also very useful to increase the volume of the car speakers.


When damping the floor, remember that the car’s floor is covered entirely, including rear seats and muffles, as the car floor is most near to the ground.


The boot is not present in every car, but if one has a saloon or sedan car, and then the boot is considered to be another pain area that can affect the volume of the car sound system.

Getting Fresh Cable Connection

The wires we use are made up of metallic material. This goes bad after some time that affects the electrical signaling of the sound circuit, and it will eventually lead to low sound.

And it is the most recommended thing to change the cable frequently as the new cable will re-establish the right signals and lead to improved sound quality.

Applying Non-Invasive Add-Ons

The purpose of this point is that there is no problem if you don’t get damping or subwoofers. Non-invasive Add-ons can be an option. They are easy to use, and the car sound system will increase.

What it will do is from your phone it will access all the audio information that is being stored. Sounds Interesting! Right? Firstly, it would be best if you did your complete research before moving a step forward onto it.

In brief, it would help if you kept in mind some features are Sound Quality, portability, and many others. We consider portable satellite radios a good thing for this. A Special Bluetooth kit is another choice.

How to Fix Car Speakers

So now, we will also explain how we can repair or fix our speakers. Yes! You can do it by yourself! No need to buy another pair of speakers or to pay a repair fee. Below are some methods of repairing your speaker:

The first method is repairing the Hole; in such a case, the problem is mainly in the speaker cone’s hole. Just don’t get panic! Because all you have to do is to follow some simple steps, and you are done! So let’s get into the steps.

Firstly, you have to do is uninstalling your speaker. Now, collect a material that exactly matches the Cone’s material. Because using the same material will be best.

If can’t; you can go for a paper for repair as well. But remember the material should be durable and robust. And if your speakers are old, clean them before repairing them.

Further, you have to smooth the speakers’ dangling edges; you can use a razor or scissor for this purpose. Next, you have to cut the mending material into patches.

The patch should be of the same size as the actual hole size or slightly large as it ensures more stability. Attach the patch very carefully by applying fingernail polish and ensure strong.

Now leave the speaker in a safe place until it gets dry. After drying, it will become more durable and robust. Once you have followed all the steps.

now it’s time to reinstall the speakers; make sure that you have followed all the steps mentioned earlier.

The Second Method is Repairing Speaker Tear. If One Faces this Issue, he/she Should Follow These Steps:

Now the next step is to uninstall the speaker. Now apply a fingernail polish on the tear and let it get dry in a safe place. Once it gets dry, now apply the second coat of fingernail polish and let it get dry.

Once the nail polish is dry, make sure that the tear is repaired and reinstall the speaker. So this is the method of repairing the tear of the speaker.

You don’t need to panic; just read this article because it’s all about such things. Okay now, let’s talk about another problem’s solution.

To Repair a Cracked Speaker, you Should Have Three Essential Tools:

a Hot Glue gun, Rubber gloves for handling, and Crazy glue. Uninstall the cracked speakers first. You have to apply crazy glue below the central part by a little segment and hold it from both sides for 30 seconds to ensure stickiness.

Now apply the hot glue in each little hole and set aside to dry for a few minutes. And once the speaker gets dry, you can now place it to its right position and assure its sound quality.

Now the next problem is repairing the blown subwoofer. It can seriously affect the music system. So buying another would be costly.

So try to repair it’s blown and make it work properly. First, you have to remove the speaker. You have to scrap the surroundings away from the ends using a knife.

It would be beneficial if you were extremely cautious when doing so. Assure that the ends have been entirely removed from the speaker. Now using the same knife, extract Cone and voice coil.

From the voice coil, separate the wires. And after this, remove the old Cone, old spider, and old voice coil. And now, when you have to insert a new voice coil, make sure that you clean it first.

And place it in the gap. Fix the spider around, apply some glue, and fix the Cone. Now you have to leave it for a minimum of 24 hours.

Now when it is dried, place some glue around the frame and place the edges carefully on the Cone and the frame and set it aside for 24 hours. Now attach the old wires.

Again place the speakers to their right position with suitable tools.

How to Increase Bass Using a Capacitor

Okay! Now let’s discuss how we can increase the bass using capacitors. You can accomplish that if you follow a few basic steps. First, remove the power cable of the Amplifier from the car battery.

Remember that which terminal is +ve and which one is -ve. Now connect the power cables to the dedicated ports. Now cut the same wire that connects the Amplifier to the battery for power.

and keeping in mind that the length should not be too large. Now connect a single wire into the negative port and the remaining wires onto the positive port.

Now connect the power wires again to the car battery. Now start the car and hold on for some time and let the capacitor to get charged. Don’t play stereo when the capacitor is getting charged, now check stereo’s working.

Tips to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp:  One By One

1- Use a Subwoofer

One of the cheapest and alternative ways to louder the sound of the car is using the subwoofers for better sound quality. They are recommended to place in the trunk of the car for maximum bass production.

2- Add Tweeters

Tweeters are the type of speakers that produce high frequency. They operate between 3 kHz to 20 kHz. They balance the music and give clarity in the sound of the car

3- Use Sound Deadening Material

Sound deadening material or damping materials are used to lower the noise in the surrounding of the vehicle. It is used to lessen the sound of the audio system and eliminate speaker resonance and increase sound accuracy.

4- Replace the Speakers with High-Quality Car Speakers

When you experience a car and observes that speakers are given the least attention when manufactured. They are affecting the sound quality so they are needed to be changed with high-quality car speakers.

5- Replace Cables of the Speakers

The State of wires connected to the speakers should be checked from time to time because they tend to lose their affection.

6- Adjust Settings for a Louder and Deep Bass

Common mistakes people make are the maxing all tone controls. Such maxing sounds more terrible; so, tune correctly to enjoy good quality bass.

7- Get Quality Audio Files

Sometimes high and low frequency is missing in with some interesting details, this is called compression. Compressed file music is good to hear on headphones but they do not sound good on the audio system. So, try to use good quality audio files.

12 Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Car: Step By Step

01-We need to replace the speakers with good quality ones.

02-We sometimes use compressed music files, which are not nicely audible by car audio systems. So we should select higher quality music files.

03- Use damping or sound deadening material to lessen the effect of noise and vibrations.

04- It does not matter we are working with how many good speakers. We can get its best performance by adding more power, and for adding more power amp are the best.

05- We can use a car audio equalizer to get rid of sound peaks.

06- Use a subwoofer for good quality sound.

07- Buy or build your own subwoofer box to improve its performance.

08- We can use a capacitor to satisfy the amp’s power demand

09- Change the cables from time to time and invest in high-quality cables.

10- Don’t play music through Bluetooth as it adds more compression in the music file.

11- If your phone is a playback source, bypass the DAC which is good enough to provide good output.

12- On your low pass filter, raise or lower the crossover point on it.

How to Install a Car Stereo: Easy Way to Learn

  • Remove the plastic trim surrounding it and remove the screws and bolts holding it.
  • 2- Now, stereo is exposed and remove the four screws in the corner of the stereo. Gently pull it out. Unplug the wiring harness and antenna by pressing down the clips.
  • 3- Fix your car stereo with a wiring harness and insert the new stereo into the mounting kit into the dashboard.
  • 4- Now test your stereo and speakers by playing music. if it’s working, put your dash back


This article was all about loud sound lovers. And we tried to explain every common problem in detail to facilitate you all. From the making of a speaker to fix it, everything is elaborated in detail.

You can now also make your car speakers louder by following the steps written above. We have written four different methods that you can follow to enhance your car speaker’s volume.

We are sure that this article will give you the knowledge and save your money, which is a great thing! After you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll be able to help others. How to increase the volume of your car speakers without using an amplifier.

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