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Quick Way to Learn How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car 2022

People find it fun when they find people listening to the bass even outside the car. For a car subwoofer loud is always better. Investing in a good speaker will be to create low pitch frequencies (bass and sub-bass).Photo Credit by: Tony Hisgett

In this post, we will check out how to make subs louder outside the car, ways to improve the sound, and step by step guide to set up a sub in the car.

Subwoofers are designed most uniquely with small physical dimensions that will deliver clear, rich, and loud music.

The range of frequency for a car subwoofer is 100-200 Hz subwoofer-that is generally mounted in the speaker cabinet in the installed amplifier.

So, when you’re in the good mood to enjoy the loud music with family and friends, check out the ways to set uprightly.

Learn How To Set Up Subwoofers

Contrary to the popular belief, the “loudness” of the speaker isn’t based on the physical dimensions. Even though the size of the speaker plays an important role in the insulation, volume capacity, efficiency, power handling, and other variables that come into play too.

Speaker and Amp

Make sure to select the amp and speaker that put out a higher power, without blowing. While looking at the amplifiers and speakers, never look at their peak power.

An amp and speaker will run only on its peak power for a minute before it overheats and goes bad.

Run Wires

Start to wire the power from its battery. So, it’s important you get this power from a battery and not a fuse box. Find the opening in your car’s firewall.

One can find it in a metal wall below the car hood, near to the windshield. The other side of a firewall must be within the car.

Wiring the Audio

After that take the stereo unit out. Generally, it needs you to take off its front of a center console, or use the tool for sliding this stereo out of the special clips.

After taking out the stereo, check out the backside. There must be two RCA connections. Try to run these RCA cables over the back of the console and plug them in two connections on the stereo back.

Put Speaker in Box

Put this speaker in a box, ensure a flimsy thin gasket stays on it. Suppose, the box has connectors outside, they must be wired to its speaker inside.

Screw the speaker in the box, by using holes given on the speaker rim outside. Set a sub in the trunk of your car.

Adding Power

Last but not the least, connect its power cable to the battery and it must be able to set up subwoofers rightly.

Subs Louder Outside The Car

Some factors will have an impact on the sound volume of the car outside. Suppose you want the louder subs outside the car then follow the given points.

Power Output

Suppose you are looking to buy a good subwoofer, check out RMS power ratings. Generally, they gauge the power output required by a sub in realistic figures.

So, before making any purchase, make sure the power output of a sub matches the car speaker’s output.

Area of a Sub Cone

When you increase the size of the subwoofer, you will find more air generating higher sound pressure levels. So, when the subwoofer cone area increases, there are high chances to have a bass felt.

Enclosure Types

Subwoofer enclosures have a subwoofer. Compared to the open enclosure, a sealed enclosure can create much deeper bass, although the sub is small.

Generally, sealed enclosures are better for the music genres that are focused on various frequencies. And ported enclosures create a powerful (or louder) bass line.

So, it can be recommended for the music-focused over basses, such as trap, rap, dubstep, and house.

Subwoofer Size

Sometimes it is difficult to decide the right subwoofer size to play the right bass sound. Suppose you are searching for the subwoofer to give you low and loud tones, if you are not having space issue in the car, then consider getting the big subwoofer.

But, small subwoofers will serve the same purpose while connected in the right output and enclosed properly. So, this is how to make subs louder outside the car with these given points.

How To Adjust A Subwoofer Step by Step

Getting the bass management on receivers and processors is very important to get the right performance from your speaker.

Whereas many systems suggest 80 Hz, but not each system is very user-friendly.

Given are a few step-by-step instructions on how to get this right when adjusting a subwoofer frequency and phase.

Step:1 Remove any Distortion

With an amp gain at low, play music and increase the receiver’s volume till you hear its music distorting; and back off its volume until you find clean sound again.

Don’t forget to mark the receiver’s volume. With this setting your receiver may go is the maximum volume and play cleanly.

Turn an amp’s gain up till; you hear any distortion again. Back off its gain slightly till you find distortion to go away completely.

An amp gain is set, now you can lower down the receiver volume at a comfortable level.

Although the speaker system doesn’t have an amplifier, still you have to find the maximum volume point by turning up to below its distortion level.

Step: 2 Crossover Setup

Crossover is the frequency where speakers start to roll off. The subwoofer begins outputting the LFEs and bass notes.

Most of the systems today have got EQ feature to set up the right crossover automatically as per your speaker’s specifications.

Suppose the system is using it, and you are not very sure how you must do it – best to leave it as it is.

Step 3: Adjust a Sub Gain or Low-Pass Filter

Try to play music through the receiver at one-quarter volume. Turn up again of subwoofer amp. Continuously do till the sound from the subwoofer overpowers other speakers, without any distortion.

When listening to music from your sub, adjust the amp’s low-pass sub filter downward till all frequency notes vanishes.

A low-pass filter destroys any notes you do not want the subwoofer to play. And acts like the tone control that will capture “edges” of a kick drum’s sound; release and attack the boom.

Make sure to remove strings, cymbals, guitars, and vocals. Leave your bass and low drums.

Step 4: Reverse or Power Mount the Subs

Just flip your sub(s) and try to mount it on the outside of your box. Flip the switch phase on an amp at 180°. There’s a lot of debate if reverse mounting subs can make a quality difference.

Though it frees up the internal volume and helps your sub to reach the lower frequencies. Another thing is mounting your subs in this way can give the subs a different look.

And appears as a “bag on the head” that will be useful when the cone is damaged or cracked.

Step 5: Fine-Tuning

Try to reconnect all amplifiers and then turn on the stereo’s volume to zero. Now, slowly turn up its volume till you reach the 80% mark or you hear distortion.

Suppose you have turned the whole thing rightly, you can hit 80% volume without any distortion.

Alternatively, if you hear any kind of distortion, check out speakers making this noise and turn down the gain settings till they do not distort more.

How To Get More Bass Out of Your Subwoofer One by One

The best sound system will take your viewing and listening experience to completely next level. Upgrading the subwoofer is required to achieve the right sound but it is difficult if you’re on a tight budget.

Basic steps to tune a car speaker system with the subwoofer amp are:

  1. First turn the sub amp gain down, turn the low-pass filter up, and then turn off the bass boost.
  2. Turn its head unit on & set tone controls to the middle settings.
  3. Time to play the music that includes mid and high range, and even low notes.
  4. Adjust its volume on the head unit to 25 to 75% of max.
  5. Turn up gain on an amp until you listen to clipping.
  6. Try to back off gain till you find distortion to go away.
  7. Reduce its low-pass filter till you stop hearing high and mid-frequency sounds, just like those from the vocals and guitars, from the subwoofer.
  8. Suppose the amplifier has bass boost features, and you are not satisfied with the bass level at this stage. You must through the whole process once again, right from the first step, with the bass boost enabled.

When you are tuning the subwoofer amp it will be instrumental to get the right bass response.

Make sure to note if the audio system has other amps, and they have to be tuned in separately when learning How To Get More Bass Out of Your Subwoofer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of What Does Subwoofer Do

What is the best setting for a subwoofer?

Well, it depends upon the exact kind of speaker system you have in the car. Note down that frequencies will differ a bit.

The best setting for the subwoofers will be 70-80 Hz (at the low pass), an essential purpose of the subwoofer crossover will be blocking down the midrange sounds.

How to get deep bass from a subwoofer?

Try out a different style that will work perfectly with the track. Make sure to have the primary frequency (that defines the sound or ‘energy’) of the sub-bass hit around 40 to 60 Hz.

Make a kick hit about the octave higher, over 120 Hz. In that way, it will not interfere with the bass a lot and you will get deep bass from the subwoofer.

How to make subs louder outside the car?

Contrary to the popular belief, the “loudness” of the speaker isn’t completely based on the physical dimensions.

Even though the size of the speaker plays an important role in the volume capacity, efficiency, power handling, insulation, and other variables will come into play.

Most of the subwoofers are designed with small physical dimensions, still can pump out loud and rich sound.

How do I deep bass my home subwoofer?

To deep bass, your home subwoofer, play music through the receiver at one-quarter volume. After that turn up the subwoofer amp gain till your subwoofer sound overpowers other speakers, without any distortion.

Turn up the gain till it distorts, back it off till you find the sound to be very clean again.

How to make subs louder in the trunk?

For the superior bass output and sound quality trunk subwoofers are manly preferred over the equivalent in the under-seat subs.

The trunk subwoofer may have to get reinforced during the installation to improve stability. Besides, it helps to prevent your unit from getting jerked during the sudden braking and sharp turns.

As long as there’s space in the trunk, you may add higher subwoofers that will meet the sound quality demands.

How to adjust car amplifier settings?

Car amps have lots of dials and switches on aside. The right way is turning down the gain, turning the filters off. After that, turn up your car stereo unless it distorts, and back it down.

Turn on the high pass filter, try to adjust it properly, and repeat this process. This appears to work most of the time, it gives rich and clear sound, just ensuring that gain is at a proper level.

How to tune a ported subwoofer box?

Tuning the ported subwoofer is very important to the performance. Just tune the ported subwoofer box to the specific frequency with the given points:

  • Fb is the desired frequency tuning of an enclosure in Hertz.
  • Lv is the length of the port in inches.
  • R is the inside radius of the vent tube.
  • Vb is the internal volume of the enclosure in cubic inches. For converting the cubic feet to inches, just multiply it by 1728.

How can I calibrate the bass and treble of my speakers using a decibel meter?

A meter makes use of an omnidirectional microphone that will pick up various audio frequencies that come from various directions. Then look for 2 settings on your SPL meter.

First is the “response” setting must be set SLOW so measurements do not bounce over so much that it becomes tough to read.

Most decibel meters can automatically adjust for various audio levels, however, others can expect you pre-select the “range”.

Make proper measurements over 75dB, and pick the range that has 75dB in its middle.

How can I calculate what amp to use for a given subwoofer Does the cabinet type affect how much input the sub needs I e vented or sealed?

A real factor to determine amp power required is driver elements found in a sub itself. First, you need to know that the type of cabinet doesn’t do anything with the amp power required to power a sub.

And it is all about ported with how a sub can interact with a room. Thus, it is one important feature of sound but has got nothing with the amplifier power required.

How to add bass to the songs?

When you add bass to the songs, instantly you can change the feeling and dynamics. Though it is tough to say the song without any low-end frequencies will be the song.

For adding the bass line to the song, you need to first figure out the important signature of a passage and apply the phrase of notes that is based on the applicable scale and thinking how to execute the dynamics, phrasing, rhythm, and feeling of the songs.

Can you connect a subwoofer to any speakers?

Yes, you can use a sub with any speaker, but it is important to know that a sub is generally connected to the source having the sub output and not the speakers.

Some brands have got the speaker amp within the sub. Keep in mind that speaker output will be limited in a frequency range.


In an end, we agree with a fact that the good sounding system will make the car turn more heads when you are driving past jamming to beat.

We truly believe that the selection of tips won’t just allow you to get higher bass from the subwoofer, but can make the subs a bit louder outside your car.

Keep in mind that at times even the simplest improvements to the car sound system will yield amazing results. So, this post on how to make subs louder outside the car will prove highly beneficial for you.

Thus, the good-quality of subwoofers definitely can improve the car sound system as well as help this to perform much better.

Also, it is quite guaranteed as subwoofers can help the car speakers to give better sound and increase the durability too.

They’re flexible and placed anywhere in a car, many people place this in a car trunk. Make sure to consider various factors before you settle on the subwoofer that can last as well as improve the car sound system.

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